Proof the Earth is Flat

According to flat earthers there are hundreds of proofs the earth is flat. So in this section we will analyze the proofs they provide and try to ascertain if they actually prove the earth is flat or not.

In reality some of the “proofs” that the earth is flat given by the flat earthers are not valid and some of these are outrageously and obviously incorrect.

Still there are main points raised by the flat earthers which raise interesting questions and do truly put our assumption that the earth is a globe into question.

There are real contradictions and inconsistencies with the globe model which deserve serious consideration.

North and South Hemispheres not Symetrical?

North and South Hemispheres not Symetrical?
The geometry of a globe and a flat plane are quite different. If we live on...

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Earth and sun are same size and close

Earth and sun are same size and close
Flat earthers claim the sun and moon are equally sized and equally distant circles of light...

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NASA Faking Space proves flat earth?

NASA Faking Space proves flat earth?
Flat earthers establish convincingly that NASA faked the Apollo manned lunar landings. They go on to...

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Seasonal variations would be impossible on a globe earth

Seasonal variations would be impossible on a globe earth
Flat earthers argue that on a globe earth the days and nights would always be of...

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Non-changing view of Stars prove flat earth

Non-changing view of Stars prove flat earth
Throughout thousands of years the same constellations remain fixed in their same patterns. If the Earth...

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Missing GPS Data Proves Flat Earth?

Missing GPS Data Proves Flat Earth?
Every day thousands of passengers are traveling to and from destinations in the Southern Hemisphere and...

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Distances in Southern Hemisphere

Distances in Southern Hemisphere
Flat earth requires distances per degree of latitude start at zero at the North Pole and...

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Satellites don’t exist on an flat earth

Satellites don’t exist on an flat earth
Flat earthers deny the existence of space so they need to deny the existence of satellites...

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Horizon rises as altitude is gained

Horizon rises as altitude is gained
While traveling in an airplane looking out the window you see the horizon rising up to...

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Flat Earth: Planets don’t exist?

Flat Earth: Planets don’t exist?
Flat earthers say planets are not globes, they are created by NASA with CGI. Planets are...

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Polestar proves flat earth

Polestar proves flat earth
Flat earthers make the very good point: "It is impossible for heliocentrists to explain how Polaris...

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Can’t detect rotation of earth proves flat earth

Can’t detect rotation of earth proves flat earth
Our inability to detect or measure in any way the spinning of the earth up to...

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Non-existent Southern Hemisphere flights

Non-existent Southern Hemisphere flights
Flat earthers are incorrect. Flights between locations in the Southern Hemisphere are possible within the expected...

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Eric Dubey only has 34 Flat Earth Proofs

Eric Dubey only has 34 Flat Earth Proofs
Eric Dubay has performed a great service by researching and documenting the various flat earth proofs...

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Rivers, Railways and the curve of the earth

Rivers, Railways and the curve of the earth
If Earth were a giant sphere tilted, wobbling and hurdling through infinite space then truly flat,...

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No South Pole on Flat Earth

No South Pole on Flat Earth
As the flat earth concept does not include a south pole they claim there is no...

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Circumnavigation on a flat earth

Circumnavigation on a flat earth
Circumnavigation on a flat earth is possible if you travel east or west. You could travel...

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Differences between North and South Hemispheres

Differences between North and South Hemispheres
Flat earthers point to the differences in climate in locations north and south of the equator...

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Airplane pilots don’t adjust course for the curve

Airplane pilots don’t adjust course for the curve
If the Earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, airplane pilots would have to...

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Magic Gravity on a Globe Earth

Magic Gravity on a Globe Earth
Gravity is the magic glue that holds the ball earth theory together. Whenever there is any...

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Sattelite Dish Angles Prove Flat Earth?

Sattelite Dish Angles Prove Flat Earth?
Communications satellites are geostationary. It means they are located directly above the equator about 22,000 miles...

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Horizon Distance Proves Flat Earth?

Horizon Distance Proves Flat Earth?
Even before the resurgence of the flat earth movement scientists were puzzled by discrepancies between theoretical...

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No Midnight Sun in Antarctica proves flat earth

No Midnight Sun in Antarctica proves flat earth
The establishment claims the Midnight Sun IS experienced in Antarctica but they do not have any...

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Scientific experiments prove flat earth

Scientific experiments prove flat earth
Over the years scientists have formulated a number of experiments attempting to prove the earth is...

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76 Replies to “Proof the Earth is Flat”

  1. Israel

    In the bible somewhere it talks about the new Jeruselm coming down from heaven and saying how big it is that all the world would be able to see it, that could only happen if it is flat, if the earth is round then the people on the other side of the new Jeruslem would not be able to see it.

    • RT

      That’s because the people that wrote the bible believed the Earth was flat. It was written at a time when, generally, people believed the Earth was flat. It’s just further proof that the bible was written by ignorant men that were not inspired by a god in their writings.

      When adults told me about Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy, I believed 100%. Then I grew up at around 8-9 years old and realized it was all BS. Grow up! The Earth is a sphere and anything else is pure, childish ignorance.

        • Flat_brain

          Bible was not ‘written’ . The bible is a collection of texts.(convenient for priests–enoch book was excluded because it was too…real.)

        • wayans

          yes, your right that the bible mention that the earth is circle, but on the other side if you says circle it can be like a globe circle or a flat circle ..better luck next time…enjoy the truth

      • Jake

        $200,000 USD is offered if you can prove it is a globe in total rewards. One man is willing to pay $100,000 USD if you can prove its a globe.

      • Brandon

        In all fairness, when you were told about the Easter bunny and tooth fairy you were also told the Earth is round. Should’ve taught you not to trust people.

      • Terry

        No it doesn’t. I have read the mathew edition. The bible actually says that the earth is round not flat. The flat earth has been so debunked that it is laughable that anybody believes it any more. Even one of the leaders of flat earth proved that the earth wasn’t flat.

        • Charles

          There is a difference between a sphere and a circle. A round plate and a ball…North pole= arctic (center). South pole= Antarctica(the rim of the plate). Stars are in the firmament. What you call planets are wandering stars.
          Closed environment we have. None can go beyond the so called glass ceiling.
          God wins always

    • Roman Makovetskiy

      In other old scriptures Earth rest on three elephants.
      Go make a selfie there, u stupid idiot u.
      No matter what direction you fly at hi, you always see curved horizon line.
      What a stupid sheepshead idiotic dolbayebs can think flat earth….. fk

    • Terry

      No where in the bible does it say this. However, In Isaiah 40:21-23 it says that God Yahweh puts his feet on the round earth. The Hebrew for round means spherical. In other words, God put his feet on the round earth, not the flat earth. The earth isn’t flat. Only stupid people think that the earth is flat. The earth is round and moves on its axis. Even a leading flat earther proved that the earth was round and not flat.

      • Tim

        The Hebrew word you are referring to in Isaiah 40:22 is
        חוּג chug, and is used only three times. In the NASB it is translated twice as “circle” and once as “vault”, but never as “sphere”. And in Isa. 40:22 it does not say that God stood on it, but that He sits above it.

  2. James

    Have you got real evidence not fake evidence can you prove it put cameras in space who prove it please do not fake pictures or videos

    • madhudvisa

      Quite a long way, compared to the deepest hole we have ever dug (only seven and a half miles, see below)

      So the point is we have no idea what is below us. We can not dig down very far and find out. Or at least we have not dug down more than 7.5 miles so far… But if the earth is flat you could theoretically dig through it. But we have not dug down more than 7.5 miles, which is nothing compared to the 8,000 mile diameter they give for the earth…. So the point is we can’t dig down very far so we don’t know…

      Kola Superdeep Borehole
      The Kola Superdeep Borehole is the result of a scientific drilling project of the Soviet Union in the Pechengsky District, on the Kola Peninsula. The project attempted to drill as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust. Drilling began on 24 May 1970 using the Uralmash-4E, and later the Uralmash-15000 series drilling rig.Wikipedia
      Location:Pechengsky District
      Greatest depth:12,262 metres (40,230 ft, 7.619 miles)

      • john

        Hi there.
        Do you know of the video link where apparently they placed two measuring devices at the Bolivian Salt Flats 100 miles apart and it shows there is no curvature over that distance. Or is this just an urban legend?

        Thanks. John

      • Earth Is a Globe

        Due to Earth’s gravity it is physically impossible to have a flat Earth instead of a sphere. And gravity does exist.

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Hi Steve
            You can say the earth is flat, I can say the earth is a cube, and others say the earth is a globe.
            The difference is the people who say the earth is a globe have a scientific predictive model that works, they have constructed this model based on the assumption that the earth is a globe and it works very well. Globe earth model predicts what we see actually happening in the sky for example. So this is not absolute proof that the earth is a globe but it certainly shows that the earth could be a spinning globe and that our observations are consistent with being on a spinning globe.
            However with my cube earth model and your flat earth model we do not have any valid scientific predictive model and we can not even imagine how the earth could be flat or a cube and produce the observations that we see in the sky above us.
            So any thoughtful person has to come to the conclusion that the only valid scientific predictive model we have is the globe earth model and it works very well. This puts a good level of confidence in the globe earth model. But we have no confidence at all in the flat earth, or cube earth models, because we can not even imaging how the earth could be flat [or a cube] and produce what we actually observe happening in the sky.
            What we see happening in the sky is EXACTLY what we would expect to see happening in the sky if we were on a spinning ball…
            So no intelligent person can accept your flat earth model or my cube earth model.
            As I have said elsewhere I do not necessarily believe in the globe earth, but realistically, in the absence of any other working predictive model, we have to presume it is a globe spinning in space, unless you can provide a flat earth predictive model that works…

          • Chad Dewitt

            If we were spinning at any rate of speed there would no gravity at all. We would be forced to the outer edges of earth. This is fact. That theory is busted. In the Bible God said. The earth is still and will not be moved. So there is proof of a still earth. If the earth was a globe there is no way possible Alaska would have light 6 months out of the year day and night. So having an Equator is busted as well. Please explain how fact is proven wrong by Scientific theory! Scientific Theory have no fact at all.

      • Roman Makovetskiy

        ask some pilot
        No matter what direction you fly at hi, you always see curved horizon line from left to right. You fly North you see curved horizon, you fly West – same curved horizon…
        my God …..! some demagogues get paid for this idiocity…!

  3. James Newport

    Yes! the earth is flat, just ask the water it will never lie to you , it always seeks its own level, ALWAYS!! That is why we have the term sea level, airplane= air+plane, a thing that flies in the air over a plane. the list can go on and on. I have studied Ancient history for last 30 years read more than 500 books, One must be able to separate what is real and what is not real on many levels to understand truth as it is. remember sound=vibration=frequency on all levels of existence .

    • Kirsty

      Look guys tbh the earth is ROUND. Loads of evidence to support this, like when a boat goes out to sea, it does not stay in sight. this shows its going around a curve. I’m still in school, but really, I think that flat earthers are just doing this for attention which is wasting money on research on this pretty crazy topic.

      Thank you for reading, and do not be offended by my views. 🙂

      • scoot

        Your wrong the ship doesn’t go over the so “called curve”. Go buy a p9000 camera and zoom in you will see the boat. What happens is that it leaves your visual perspective. Its like when you are driving on the highway and the street lights look like there different sizes the further way from you but there the same height.

  4. Alain Bos

    All comments above do not prove the reality of a globe nor the reality of a flat earth.

    Even James Newport, clearly a life-time scholar hints to one book that can provide empirical evidence to prove the flat earth , however even after reading 500+ books he’s not able to mention this books name and wants us to be convinced by the historical origine of the word airplane being shy just one letter of being airplanet.

    Further mentioning of any subjects on the list that goes on and on he doesn’t provide and tells me he either has no clue how-to substantiate any scientific-claims or just wants to make a big impression with literally saying nothing.

    I have bookmarked this page and in time will review every subject mentioned above and duplicate any scientific-fact or calculations by looking up what physics-laws tell us about the validity when being used as science-facts that dis-prove or prove the earth is a globe.

    I will not discard science-theories just because they aren’t proven by the scientific method.

    I’ll try to give popular science-theory the benefit of the doubt since in today’s world those (unproven) theories are widely used by scientists and I believe that when we use science properly, all things should be possible to prove or dis-prove using the scientific-method.

    For now however, I’ll rest a few days but will return because the intent of the creators of this website seems quite legit and can prove to be a meeting-place where globers & flat-earthers can come together in mutual respect.

    In the words that the terminator never uttered in the movie : ‘I’ll be back !!!’ 😉

    • John Smith

      To believe that large bodies of water can conform to the exterior of shapes is unscientific.

      There is no science that can demonstrate or test that water can behave like this in any practical examples.

      So it’s a belief that people have and nothing to do with science.

      • Flat Earth Facts

        The science you are looking for is gravity. Gravity says that large heavy objects, like the earth, create a force that pulls everything towards its center of mass. So the water on the earth at every point is being pulled to the center of the earth by gravity. So this is the scientific explanation of how large bodies of water confirm to the shape of the earth. It is gravity, and to believe the earth is a ball one has to believe in gravity and it is gravity that makes all these seemingly impossible things possible, according to science.

  5. Ryan Daniel

    Fly above 35,000 feet like I have and see it for yourself. Am I a liar for seeing it? For knowing science and having common sense? Some opinions aren’t worth reading, people. Someone fly these ‘leaders’ to space, let them space walk, see it, and then charge them the bill, please……..

    • Kevin Mc

      First you can not see the earth’s curve at 35,000 feet. You can’t see it at 50,000 feet either. What you are seeing is the curve of the horizon. Even if you were on the Space Station at about 200 miles above the earth you wouldn’t see the entire earth.

      The problem with flat earthers is that they are unable to comprehend the immense size of the earth. If one was able to stand in the middle of the Atlantic, with calm seas you’d only be able to see about three miles in every direction. That’s why the horizon looks flat. Every point that you look at if standing on the ocean would be about three miles away from you. Your whole viewing area would be roughly a six mile diameter. Do you know how small that is? If earth were the size of Epcot that six miles would be a 1/8 inch dot on Epcots surface.

      If you have a 16″ globe, at about 3 0,000 feet in an airplane, if you could see all the way around you’d be able to see a circle about 450 miles in diameter. That would be about the size of a quarter on that 16 inch globe. Almost six miles up and you’d only be able to see a portion of the earth the size of a quarter on a sixteen inch globe.

      The sheer size is enormous. Unless you’re an astronaut you’re never going to see the earth’s curve.

  6. Keith Hurcombe

    The earth’s oceans simply cannot curve around a globe earth. Large expanses of water are always level.
    In a day and age where two neighbouring countries can’t even agree on a border, how is it that 12 countries and 54 states can all agree to make Antarctica pretty much off-limits to the general public? What is it they are trying to hide? 🤔

    • Reji

      Antarctica is not off limits to the general public. They agreed to not take over or use Antarctica for military and resource purposes, essentially preserving it.

      • Flat Earth Facts

        Antarctica IS off-limits to the public. Public are only allowed to go to a few spots on the edge on organized cruses and are not permitted to stay in Antarctica overnight. So all the general public can do is pay $20,000+ for an organized cruse and get off the boat in the morning on the edge and look at the penguins and get back on the boat. General public can not do more than that.

        And there are a few research stations belonging to various countries, otherwise there is nothing there, very hostile climate, hard to stay there anyhow.

        Not only is Antarctica off-limits, no unauthorized ships are permitted to cross over the 60 degree south latitude line. So that means the whole bottom third of the Southern Hemisphere is off-limits.

        • Rickie

          you can’t go beyond the 60 degree parrell because you would reach the firmament of heaven, read your bible, men can’t go into the heavens, earth is held up by pillars,and the angels stood at the four corners of the earth but you fuys believe what you want and i’ll believe God, but feel free to believe scientist, NASA, man, woman, goverments or whatever you want or believe in spongebob i know where i stand because we have freedom to make our own beliefs.

  7. Jorge Lahiff

    I’m still a fence sitter, but I am leaning towards Flat Earth. There are just too many things you can see from distances which the Ball tells us are under hundreds or thousands of feet of curvature. The math just does not add up. Over thirty years ago my father, a diplomat and high ranking Freemason, hinted to me of a flat earth through a series of ‘what if I told you’ questions (I guess that he was trying not to break his oath of secrecy). When I watched Eric Dubay’s and Mark Sargent’s Flat Earth vids it all started making more sense.

      • Kevin Mc

        I guarantee that his math is wrong. Eric Dubey claims that an airplane has to drop hundreds of feet a minute if the earth were a globe. That’s pure b.s.

        People have actually taken a level on flights thinking the plane would fly out of level. If you use the eight inch drop in a mile, an airplane about 260 feet long would only have to fly out of level 1/16th of an inch to circumnavigate the earth. That’s how much drop there is in 260 feet. At 30,000 feet it would be less than that.

        If anyone can see a sixteenth of an inch in 260 feet with a spirit level I’ll give them $10,000.

  8. Mike grieve

    I saw the edge of the Earth the other day, when driving along the shore of Lough Corrib, in the West of Ireland. It was about 100 metres offshore – a flat edge, after which nothing. And when wondering why I hadn’t seen it before, I realized that were the Earth like a long roll of paper, joined together in a loop and scrolling round two points, the apparent ‘end’ of the earth (the edge) would vary as it scrolled round, and your witnessing of it would be a coincidence of space and time.

  9. John

    Hey Flat Earther people can any one of u help please??

    One of u guys sent me a video a year or so ago, which unfortunately has got deleted from my computer, of this highly decorated American explorer in a 1962 B & W television interview who had been to the poll like so many more times than anyone else in the world etc etc etc

    The point of the video was that this explorer said wen they got to the pole in the early 1960’s there was like this forever 1000 mtr high wall full of the worlds natural resources of gas oil etc and enough to sustain the world for like ever! He said forever guys to give u an idea of what they found!

    Remember this is like the most famous decorated bloke ever saying this on live USA TV and not sone nut job.

    Then in sometime like 1967 he returned to the Poll with an American amada of warships to the same place n it became a milaterised zone!!!

    Have any of you got this video link or have seen it??? I was deffo on the fence with this flat earth stuff till l watched this video

    Thanks guys

  10. Phil Jones

    If the TV or a science book says the earth is round then I automatically know to question it. The Machiavellian state NEVER tells the truth.

  11. Dan

    PLEASE can a flat earther try to explain sunset/sunrise, earthquakes and all tectonic movement with their model. I am desperate to see them try : )

    • Flat Earth Facts

      As far as I can see there should be no problem describing tectonic movements on a flat plane vs. a globe. They would just be the same thing.

      As far as explaining sunrise, sunset, they say sun is circling above a flat plane and does not actually go up and down but just moves across and it appears to rise and set due to perspective in the same way as if you see a cloud going across the sky it will appear to rise when it appears, it will go up high in the sky and will ‘set’ once it passes the horizon line on the other side. So we know the clouds are not rising and setting, they are at a constant height and are just passing above us. But perspective makes it appear that the clouds are rising over the horizon where they appear and then the same cloud will appear to rise above our heads and then when it has traveled to the point where it is almost not visible it will be on the horizon and a little bit later it will set below the horizon and disappear.

      Now there are faults with this explanation, but that is the explanation the flat earthers give for the rising and setting of the sun, the rising and setting is an illusion caused by perspective, sun is actually just moving across like the clouds are.

      • Solar system

        So that means the solar system is geocentric an D not heliocentric, cause in their argument the sun is moving and not the earth. But it was proven by Galileo Galilei that the solar system is heliocentric and not geocentric, what about that?

    • Kevin Mc

      Could a flat earther please explain the benefits for NASA/government to lie about the shape of the earth? What do they get out of it, considering the billions that it would cost to fake it and keep it fake for so long?

  12. Anyonumas

    try me!! you dont go and tell people your belifes and say that thats how it actually is saying your 100% and you right while everyone else is wrong it is your belif dont say grow up it is there belif dont shove it on them and when you learn to be an adult please notify me idiot

  13. Dr.Bob Larson

    What is pushing more people to the Flat Earth movement is when Google/YouTube delete and sensor something that is harmless as someone saying the Earth is Flat,you know it must be true,or have some ring of truth to it..

    Heck,there are millions of Alien and Ghost ,Big Foot videos and those cant be proven and those are not deleted!!!

    But when the 8 inch per mile squared is proven to be a lie,that’s when the Globe Earth falls apart and my ears perk up!!! Get a camera and you can see the ships when they disappear from the so called curve!!

  14. James

    Wake up sheeple the earth is not flat nor a globe in fact the earth does not exist it is just a figment of reality and we are living in a simulation where all of our peers are simply equivalent to NPCs and all the events and outcome are predetermined by our fate. we do not have free will and are just pawns in this game we call life

  15. Rinon

    Gravity is not a force friends. It’s an acceleration. Our scientific betters at NASA will confirm this for you. But what causes this acceleration?

    Additionally, the shape is not so important as the position. At the very least we know Earth is stationary and the universe is geo-centric.

    Georges Sagnac proved the existence of the aether and its effect on the speed of light. Einstein himself stated that if the aether was detected his relativity could go in the garbage.

    All celestial bodies we can view exhibit the same red-shift, showing that they are all moving away from Earth. Otherwise there would be red-shifted and blue-shifted bodies. This can only happen if Earth is in the center. This observation is what lead to the “expanding balloon” theory. Because the evidence says we’re in the center, but Hubble found that disturbing.

    Whether people realise or like it or want to admit it, all of this has been the work of the Jesuits. They control more academia than any other group . The big bang theory that most people subscribe to for example, was invented by a Jesuit named Georges Lemaître who suggested it to Einstein.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      No. It shocks us as to how much google has changed over the years. Google no longer presents the information available. Google is a censorship system, when you search on google they will present the results they want you to believe, they will not present you with an accurate summary of the information that is available. Google hides all information they don’t like, Google hides the information they don’t want you to know about and presents you with the information they want you to believe. Today Google is not a search engine, it is brainwashing.

  16. Stephen Hawking

    One of the best documented methods for determining the Earth’s roundness was first performed (to our knowledge) by the ancient Greeks. This was achieved by comparing the shadows of sticks in different locations. When the sun was directly overhead in one place, the stick there cast no shadow. At the same time in a city around 500 miles north, the stick there did cast a shadow.

    If the Earth were flat then both sticks should show the same shadow (or lack of) because they would be positioned at the same angle towards the sun. The ancient Greeks found the shadows were different because the Earth was curved and so the sticks were at different angles. They then used the difference in these angles to calculate the circumference of the Earth. They managed to get it to within 10% of the true value – not bad for around 250 B.C.

    Another piece of evidence for a globe is the difference between the night skies in the northern and southern hemispheres. The view is completely different because the Earth beneath you is pointing in a different direction. If the Earth were flat, the view should be the same. This can be made even easier by simply comparing when it is night and day in each country.

    You can observe the planets as well. They all rotate, and watching over the course of a few days gives a clear picture they are spherical rather than flat. The chance that most of the planets are spherical but the Earth is flat seems very unlikely.

    Fake science
    But when science experiments are performed incorrectly they can appear to give the opposite result. If they are shared through social media, these false ideas can be spread quickly with no one to point out their flaws. One common example is the Bedford Level experiment, a form of which was first carried out in 1838 and used to “prove” the Earth was flat for over 30 years before an explanation was found.

    This experiment involved placing a marker at a set height at either end of a canal about six miles long. If the Earth is round, then one marker should appear lower than the other when viewed at the same time through a telescope because the furthest marker would have fallen away with the curvature of the Earth. But it was reported that the markers are the same height, suggesting the Earth is actually flat. Modern day Flat Earth theorists still quote this experiment.

    The problem is this doesn’t take into account the optical effect of the air over the intervening water, which bends or “refracts” the light as it travels from the marker to the telescope and makes it look like they are the same height. The solution is to use multiple markers along the length of the canal which, when observed, all appear to be at different heights.

    Perhaps the most impressive experiment that even schools can do today is to send a camera up in a high-altitude balloon. The footage will show that from a high-enough vantage point you can see the curvature of the Earth. This is what Mike Hughes will find if he ever makes his rocket work.

    Ultimately, arguing on the internet is not the best way forward for any scientific endeavour. We need to provide the means for people to test these theories themselves and to understand the results they get.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Yes. Some of your points are good indications that would support the idea of the earth as a globe. Realistically this is the obvious conclusion. But truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Just because it seems the most likely choice does not prove it is actually true.

      So the globe earth model is a model, a theory, and we have to remember that and keep our minds open to all the possibilities. That is science. Science is not selecting one option and religiously and illogically defending that option.

      For instance you are incorrect in stating that you can see the curve of the earth by rising a few miles above such a large sphere. You will not see any curve. That is not possible. If you rise above a large sphere the horizon distance remains the same distance away in all directions, and will remain flat, you will not see any curve until you can actually get far enough up to see the whole ball. And for that you have to be thousands of miles up, not tens of miles up. So your idea of camera in a high-altitude balloon proving the flat earth is flawed. You will not see any actual curvature from this distance, the curvature displayed is due to the lenses used on the cameras, not the actual observation.

      Yes. We can observe the planets and we can come to conclude that the planets, and the sun and the moon, are spheres suspended in the sky. So one of the principal ‘proofs’ put forward of a globe earth is “As above so below.” So they conclude that because we see globes suspended in space above us we must also be on a globe suspended in space. Again it is a plausible theory, but not actual proof. Just because we see globes floating above us does not prove that we are also on a globe.

      The most convincing evidence you present is the view of the night sky from various locations on earth including North and South hemispheres and the equator. This is, in my opinion, the most convincing indication that we are situated on a globe spinning in space because what we observe in the sky is consistent with what we would observe if we were on a globe spinning in space. At at least at the moment I can not conceive of how such observations could be produced if we were on a flat plane. It may be possible, however, I do not think anyone has presented any theory that explains what we see happening in the sky in any convincing way except for the globe earth model. So without another working model it would be quite reasonable for any thoughtful person to be fairly confident that we are on a globe spinning in space.

      As far as your sticks experiment it does not prove the earth is a globe. Your experiment is only valid if the sun is at a very great distance. If the sun is more local then you can get the same result on a flat plane of having the sun above one directly above one stick and at the same time not directly above another stick a few hundred miles away. In fact that is our experience, so if the earth was flat it means the sun must be closer to make it possible for this to occur. However if you can establish the actual distance of the sun at 93 million miles then your sticks experiment would become quite convincing also.

      So yes, you are correct, that our observations do indicate that it appears that the most likely situation we are in which, for the most, part explains our observations, is that we are on a ball spinning in space however this still remains a theory and we do not have absolute proof of that. However it is quite legitimate, on the balance of probabilities and based on our observations and inability to present any practical working alternative theory, to have a fair degree of confidence in the globe earth theory. But it would be wrong to accept this theory as absolute fact. We still may not completely understand the actual system.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Christian

        Your argument that an observer must be a significant height above the surface in order to detect a curve is, sadly, invalid. While we cannot visually detect horizontal curvature, we can measure how the surface curves away from us.
        This links to a graph illustrating horizon distance as a function of altitude. As a logarithmic function, horizon distance increases rapidly within the first tens of meters of altitude.
        This links to an image illustrating the obvious effect of altitude on horizon distance. You can see this effect yourself, if you visited a large body of water. While you might argue that the waves block the bottom portion of a distant ship, this effect still occurs on flat water. Lake Erie in the early morning is a perfect example. Take your boat 20, 30 miles out. Looking back at the shoreline, the twin cooling towers of Perry Nuclear Generating Station are, inexplicably, floating!
        Is it that, or is it curvature? With the turbulent morning air, it may be difficult to make out the towers’ lower portions. However, if the atmosphere were calm, you would clearly be able to see only the top three fifths of the 500-foot tall towers. The rest is below your horizon, which, at a distance of 25 miles, equates to 322 feet of tower. When we include the effect atmospheric refraction, the lower 270 feet of the tower is hidden.
        This final image provides a visual representation of the Perry Nuclear Station example.

  17. Collin

    Day and night have different constellations
    Meaning the earth is a globe
    (At first glance we can not see constellations at day
    Because it’s bright , but there is some called day constellations look it up)

    • Flat Earth Facts

      There are 2 possibilities. Either the earth is spinning or everything we see in the sky is spinning around the earth. What we observe is identical in both cases. So you can not say “the earth is spinning” by observation. Because we are inside the system. There is recitative spinning. But there is absolutely no way we can tell if it is the earth spinning or if it is everything else spinning around the earth. Our observations would be identical in both situations.

  18. Pat Snow

    People who insult flat earthers are stupid. If the government would tell the truth in everything then there will be no dispute.The people in the world have been lied to so much they don’t know what to believe is the truth and less they went up in space themselves. NASA had lied to the world in a lot of things. Flat earthers just want to know the truth . If the world never lied … There will never be a conspiracy. I respect the people who won’t just believe anything just because they saw it on the news are because NASA said they did it… I respect the people who ask the questions boldly. Everyone just wants to know the truth we have been deceived so much so leave these flat earthers insults to yourself.

  19. Nerd

    why don’t you flat earthers go to the docks and look at the ships leaving and watch them “sink” into the horizon as they pass your line of sight.

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