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We explore the modern revival of the Flat Earth Movement and the questions and theories Flat Earthers present about the shape of the earth. We also review the globe earth model and consider the possibility it may be partially or completely incorrect.

The Globe Earth Model is a Brilliant Idea!

We acknowledge and respect the valid scientific predictive model based on the assumption that the earth is a globe. The globe earth model has been constructed by some of the most intelligent and thoughtful scientists and astronomers over many years.

The globe earth model predicts quite accurately our observations. The globe is something intelligent and thoughtful scientific people can believe in and use to comprehend and understand the movements of the heavenly bodies we observe in the night sky.

The Globe Earth is a New Idea

The conception of the earth as a globe spinning in space is a relatively new idea. Nicolaus Copernicus who lived in Poland from 1473 – 1543 is widely recognized as the inventor of the globe earth model. “The publication of Copernicus’ model in his book De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres), just before his death in 1543, was a major event in the history of science, triggering the Copernican Revolution and making an important contribution to the Scientific Revolution.” (Wikipedia)

So before 1543, around 450 years ago, everyone accepted the earth as it appears to us, as flat with the stars and planets rotating above us attached to some sort of giant wheel. This is the way humanity has understood the earth and its position in the universe since the beginning of time. The common understanding was a stationary earth in the center of the universe with everything rotating around it.

There are Two Possibilities

We have been ‘educated’ to believe that the only possibility is we live on a globe 8,000 miles across floating and spinning in space. However, in reality, there are two possibilities to explain what we observe happening in the sky. The one we are familiar with is a rotating earth, and the other equally valid explanation is a stationary earth with all the luminaries we see in the sky rotating in the sky above us. From our point of view the relative motion is the same. From within the system we can not determine if we are stationary and everything is moving around us or if the things we see in the sky are stationery and we are rotating.

The only way we could resolve this conclusively would be if we could get far away enough form our solar system so we could look back, from outside the system, and see what is actually happening.

NASA Proves Earth is a Globe in 1969?

There has always been some resistance to the globe earth model as it is just an idea, there is no proof. However, in the 1960’s when NASA sent the Apollo missions to the moon and provided us with one photograph of the ‘blue marble’, the beautiful earth globe spinning in space, that was considered by many as proof that the earth is actually a globe spinning in space. Most believed man had finally got high enough in the sky to send back real photographs of earth spinning in space and the issue was finally settled.

More recently, however, discrepancies have surfaced in regards to NASA and the Apollo manned moon missions causing many to question if we actually sent men to the moon. Also NASA has admitted some of their recent photographs of the earth from space are creations of Photoshop produced by graphic artists combining imagery from many sources, not actual photographs of the earth from space.

Because of these clouds of doubt around the proclamations of NASA and NASA’s inability to prove or even support their claims in any way combined with their inability to send men to the moon now, almost fifty years later, has caused thoughtful people to question if NASA ever sent men to the moon. Nowadays a huge percentage of the population believe NASA faked their manned moon missions, that they never left low earth orbit. Today NASA tell us they currently do not have the technology to allow them to send men out of low earth orbit. So if NASA can’t do it now, in 2018, they certainly could not do it in 1969.

Flat Earthers Don’t Have a Working Model

In contrast to the globe earth, which is backed by a solid and valid scientific predictive model which works quite well, the Flat Earth Movement has no working flat earth model. Flat earthers have nothing to explain what we see the luminaries in the sky doing. Until now they have been unable to, based on the premise that the earth is flat, produce a model that will predict the occurrence of day and night as we experience it in the different parts of the planet. For example flat earthers can’t explain why, on a flat earth, the polestar is not visible from the Southern Hemisphere. There are so many inconsistencies. Almost nothing works properly in the flat earth models if we seriously test them with our actual observations. They have a widely accepted flat earth map, the AE Azimuthal Projection Map, which is obviously and provably incorrect.

Flat Earthers are not scientists. And they have no scientifically valid model or theory. They go on their feelings and instincts that the earth is flat and stationary. And they accept the traditional religious and cultural understandings and the ideas of the historical flat earth movement.

Even though the flat earthers do not have a valid working scientific model they do raise some interesting points that, at least on the surface, question the validity of globe earth model.

Proof that the Earth is Flat?

The primary ‘proof’ flat earthers present and demonstrate against the globe model is their ability to see things in the distance which should be impossible to see on a globe with a diameter of about eight thousand miles. Flat earthers present many examples of being able to see distant objects that should, on a globe, be below the horizon. In this way they challenge the globe model’s ability to predict our actual observations in these cases.

Of course scientists accept their understanding is incomplete and will acknowledge there are aspects they do not completely understand. In science everything is open to be challenged and anything that increases our understanding or that works better than our current idea is accepted and scientific models are constantly evolving with old incorrect ideas being replaced with new, hopefully, more correct ideas.

But for the flat earth people simply challenging small points in the globe earth model is not very convincing if they can’t produce a working model based their assumption of a flat earth. So unless they can present a working valid scientific predictive model they can’t expect the scientific community to take them very seriously.

If the flat earthers could produce a valid scientific model that actually worked based on their premise many scientists would consider it, even if just for entertainment, from a theoretical point of view.

At we will investigate both the Globe Earth and Flat Earth models without any prejudice in an attempt to understand the actual shape and situation of the earth.

There is every chance the current theories of science could be incorrect, either completely or in some aspects. So it is possible that the globe earth model is not correct however, at the moment, it is the only valid scientific model we have.



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