Why do so many people believe the earth is flat? – Video

A 2018 YouGov poll [https://today.yougov.com/topics/philosophy/articles-reports/2018/04/02/most-flat-earthers-consider-themselves-religious] revealed that only two thirds of millennials strongly believe the earth is a globe. The poll also shows that 2% of all Americans are firmly convinced the earth is flat and 5% of all Americans say they used to believe it was a globe but now have doubts. So it appears among young people around one in three have doubts the earth is a globe and among the US population in general it is about one in 14 who doubt the globe.

This is an astonishing number of people. 7% of 350 million is 24.5 million people. So, according to this poll there are now almost 25 million people in the United States who are not firmly convinced that the earth is a globe.

This is astonishing to me, a sixty-year old person who was, in the old days, throughly educated in science and the globe earth model.

What I notice these days is generally people under the age of about 40 have no understanding of the globe earth model. You can easily test this yourself by asking them simple, basic questions like, “What causes the phases of the moon?” “What causes night and day?” “Why are the days longer in summer and shorter in winter?” And I think you will find most people under the age of 40 will have great difficulty trying to explain correctly, according to the globe earth model, how these things happen.

So I have been thinking deeply as to why the flat earth movement has taken off so successfully in the past couple of years and I believe there are five reasons that explain this phenomenon:

1. The Failure of Science
2. The Failure of NASA
3. The Failure of Education
4. The Failure of Gravity
5. Cultural memory of the flat earth model

1. The Failure of Science:

The funding of science has changed dramatically over the years. Now there is very little funding for research into understanding the nature of the universe, almost all scientific funding these days is provided by companies and political organizations who fund the scientists to perform research but the funding is conditional on the scientists performing research and designing experiments to producing the desired predetermined results.

For example in the 1970s it was scientists who ‘proved’ that there were no ill effects from smoking cigarettes in their research funded by the tobacco companies, it is the scientists, funded by the drug companies, who researched and proved that OxyContin was not addicitive and safe for doctors to prescribe to patients for pain control. It was scientists funded by Monsanto who proved that Roundup was completely safe and harmless to humans, it is the scientific research that assures us flouride is good for us, it is scientists, funded by the phone manufacturers, who are now assuring us that 5G is completely safe, it is scientists, funded by the political left, who assure us that the enemy of life is carbon, and to save the world we have to eliminate carbon, even though all life on this planet is carbon-based.

Today the actual science is irrelevant, because scientists are paid to produce research proving a certain point. So science has been reconfigured, instead of research for the purpose of understanding the truth, now science is the art of massaging the data in such a way that you can produce the result you are being paid to produce.

So science, as a result of this ‘pay for play’ system, is now totally corrupted and politicized. Any scientist who dares to practice real science, as it was done decades ago, is immediately ostracized and delegitimized by the ‘scientific community.’ He will never be able to get any of his papers published, he will loose all respect in the scientific community, he will be fired by his university or employer. So in this way scientists have become domesticated by their masters, the big multi-national companies and left-leaning political organizations.

As a result of this corruption science has not been able to provide any useful practical advances for many decades now. And science has lost all respect with younger people, and particularly with intelligent people who can see that scientists are now just puppets in the hands of big corporations and politicians.

2. The Failure of NASA:

One of the big confirmations of the Globe earth model was when NASA claimed to take a photograph of the earth from space on the 1972 Apollo 17 mission on the way to the moon. At the time everyone was very happy to finally see some confirmation of the globe earth model. But as time went on more and more people became suspicious that NASA had faked the Apollo manned moon missions. NASA released all the film and photographic ‘evidence’ but unfortunately it turned out to be so full of impossible errors and contradictions that it only provided more evidence that the Apollo missions were not what NASA claimed them to be. And now, more than fifty years later, NASA openly admits they don’t yet have the technology required to enable men to leave low-earth orbit. So if they don’t have that technology now, they certainly did not have it in the 1960s.

NASA continued to fail, everything they have attempted since has the same fingerprints of fakery and deception written all over it, so much so that polls find up to 10% of Americans believe NASA faked the Apollo manned missions and overseas it is much higher, up to 25% in some countries.

NASA failed with the Space Shuttle which ended in disaster and with two fatal explosions killing all the astronauts, putting a dramatic end to America’s maned space missions.

Since the demise of NASA’s Space Shuttle America is now unable to even put men into low-earth orbit. And low-earth orbit is only 100-150 miles up. What to speak of safely making the trip to the moon and back, a round-trip of around half a million miles.

These days NASA is totally dependent on Russia. Their unmanned rockets use Russian engines and to send astronauts to the Space Station they send them to Russia to hitch a ride with the Russian astronauts.

So it is very depressing for a nation to have a space agency that can’t even get astronauts off the ground but still takes more that twenty billion dollars from the taxpayers every year.

So among young and intelligent people the proclamations and claims of NASA are no longer taken seriously.

3. The Failure of Education:

As I hinted before these days students are attending schools and collages but they are not being provided with a good education. They may be taught to read and write but they are certainly not being taught traditional science like the globe earth model.

These days if they are teaching science in the schools it will be climate science, where they present politically based lies to the students in the hope of radicalizing them and turning them into climate activatists. And of course they will teach “gender science,” they will lie to the students, try to convince them there is no such thing as male and female, there are so many geneders, and it is all fluid, and they can choose whatever gender they want and the school will gladly help them transition.

So with all this confusion of gender and climate science there is no time at all for traditional science in the eduction system.

4. The Failure of Gravity:

The globe earth model relies completely on gravity to make it work. It is gravity that glues the oceans and everything else to a ball spinning in space, at the same time it is gravity that causes the ball to spin in space, it is gravity that causes it to rotate around the sun, it is gravity that does everything in the globe earth model. But since Einstein gravity has gone off the rails. Because Newtonian gravity wasn’t working and doesn’t work, and Einstein could not think of anything that would work, he redefined gravity in an unintelligible and illogical way, hoping that no-one would challenge him.

Einstein defined gravity as “mass bending the fabric of space-time.” Which is complete and utter nonsense. Time is a dimension and time is always moving forward at a constant rate. You can not bend or distort time with mass. Time will go on undisturbed, no matter how much mass you have, it can not be distorted or bent. As far as space science has already disproven and discarded ‘ether’ and since then they claim there is nothing in space, there is no medium at all in space. So if there is nothing in space you can not bend it or distort it. You can not bend or distort nothing. So Einstein’s ramblings on gravity are nothing short of insanity. And again young people and intelligent people can detect this.

So the magic properties of gravity [which can not be understood or explained because Einstein has defined it in such a crazy way] are no longer understood or believed by thoughtful people.

5. Cultural Memory of the Flat Earth Model

With a large percentage of the population having lost faith in science, NASA and gravity and being totally uneducated in traditional science, having no knowledge of the admittedly beautiful and completely reasonable globe-earth model, they become wide open to the possibility that the earth is flat.

So the opportunity to propagate the “Flat Earth” message was provided by the ignorance of the general public of the globe earth model and youtube.

A few years ago there were a handful of faithful flat-earth you tubers, a year later it had grown to about a thousand. Then the idea spread very rapidly because youtubers quickly discovered, “if you want lots of subscribers talk about flat earth.” Now we see it has grown to almost 25 million people in the United States alone who are no longer sure the earth is a globe.

So it is not that you can propagate any message or ideology so successfully through youtube or any other medium. No. The reason the flat earth message was so readily and rapidly accepted was it is something that resonates positively with a large percentage of the population. The flat earth message is something a lot of people like to hear. That is why the flat-earth movement was able to take root and expand so rapidly, because it resonates with the people.

Why the flat earth message resonates so well with the general public is a mystery. As a logical person fully educated in traditional science and the globe earth model I can not see why people would accept the flat earth model, without any real proof and no working scientific model capable of predicting what we observe around us. Still people seem to be naturally attracted to the flat earth idea.

It may be some form of cultural memory. The globe earth model is relatively new, it is only for the past few hundred years that there has been widespread acceptance of the globe earth model, and there has never been any actual proof of the globe earth except for NASA’s famous “Blue Marble” photograph, which is now questionable due to NASA’s failure. But prior to the acceptance of the globe earth model it was universally accepted world-wide, since the beginning of time, that the earth is flat, stationary and in the center of the universe.

This concept of a flat, stationary and central earth is echoed in all the religious and spiritual texts of the world and is an integral part of the knowledge handed down from all ancient cultures.

So in the great picture, which extends back to the beginning of time, the period in which we humans believed the earth was a globe spinning in space is nothing more that the blinking of an eye-lid. Otherwise mankind has always known the earth is central, stationary and flat with a rotating field of stars above and the moon, sun and plants also rotating with the starts but simultaneously having their own independent movements.

So who knows? The globe earth model may or may not be correct, but it appears that the model which will continue to resonate with the people is the model the people have accepted since the beginning of time.

Time will tell.

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5 Replies to “Why do so many people believe the earth is flat? – Video”

  1. Josh Hill

    It not cognitive dissonance….we are measuring the curvature, there is none.

    Nasa lies just became even more obvious after we verified the lack of curvature.

    And then everything fell apart.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      What is your method, exactly, to measure the curvature?

      Scientists have a number of experiments that measure the curvature. One way of measuring the curvature is you can see the polestar. At the North Pole it is directly above your head, and as you go towards the equator it will drop in the sky by one degree every degree of latitude you cross, when you get to zero at the equator the polestar will appear at the horizon. So this view of the polestar is measuring the curvature of the earth. If the earth was flat the polestar would not decline in the sky like this, coming to the horizon at the equator and disappearing below the equator in the southern hemisphere.

      It is impossible to see the curvature on a globe with a diameter of 8000 miles. Flat earthers show many examples of being able to see things in the distance. It does appear that in certain circumstances you can see things that should be hidden by the curve. But there is a limit to this and they are dropping and are disappearing from the bottom up. So this is not proof there is no curve. It may raise some questions about the globe model and show that we do not understand what is happening with our view of objects far in the distance. But this is not ‘measuring the curve’.

      So how have you measured the curve and how have you determined that the earth is flat?

      • Jbud

        I think ‘flat earth’ has become a catch all phrase for ‘not the globe we’re told’ to be honest. I have. I idea what the shape or dimensions of where we live are but I think it is one of the fundamentals that we should be working on collectively. Unfortunately I see this as another means of control, hence the constant wars of aggression and the old divide and conquer method by the people with power and influence. When measuring curvature I typically look at water, well standing bodies of water. There is a bay between myself and the city 75km away and from the beach I can clearly see the whole skyline and base of buildings, give them the correct atmospheric conditions, now using the ECC that should be impossible so I don’t assert to know what it is, only that it’s not what we’re told

        • Neolithic

          Well said. There are times when I face questions or rebuttals to flat earth that are not easily explained away by the flat earth model, and even though I am a firmly in the flat earth camp, I cannot honestly say with 100% certainty that it is flat, only, as you have said, that I’m very certain that it is other than we’ve been led to believe.

  2. Tony

    believing in the globe is satanic. We feel no movement and see no curve those are the facts and they will always be the facts.

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