Flat Earth

Why is there so much interest in the flat earth now?

The concept of a non-moving flat earth which all the luminaries in the sky rotate around is the traditional way virtually all the people of world understood the universe worked.

The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most still retained the flat Earth model. Aristotle developed the globe earth theory further around 330 BC. Gradually the Globe Earth theory began to spread from then on.

NASA gave the Globe Earth theory a great boost with their Apollo Moon missions when they produced the ‘blue marble’, the first photograph that was claimed to be an actual photograph of the earth taken from space.

This was the first time man had actually apparently been able to get far enough away from the earth to see what shape it actually is. Some question that if they got up there and saw it was quite different from the globe they had been teaching us about for hundreds of years would they tell us?

In the 50 years since the Apollo missions more and more discrepancies and inconsistencies have appeared and as a result many now no longer believe that NASA was able to send men to the moon. Even NASA themselves quite openly admit they are not able to send men to the moon now, they still have many unsolved problems before they will be able to send men out of low earth orbit including shielding from the deadly radiation in the Van Allen belts surrounding the Earth.

As more and more inconsistencies within NASA’s projects emerge a very large percentage of people now no longer have faith that the few photos of the Earth from space NASA have given us are actually photos of the Earth from space…

So the Flat Earthers now realize, apart from the few questionable photos from NASA, we do not have any actual proof the earth is a rotating globe hurtling through space…

So the wide distrust in NASA combined with Eric Dubay reviving the old flat earth ideas on his youtube channel has created a great resurgence of the idea that the Earth might be flat.

Could the Earth actually be Flat?

The process of science is one first comes up with a hypothesis, a theory, an idea, about how he things a certain system may be working. Then he tests his hypothesis by seeing if the system he has imagined would produce the same results as we see occurring.

In the case of the Globe Earth Theory all we can see is stars, planets and the sun and moon in the sky. And we only have a two dimensional view, there is no depth perception. We can not differentiate a close bright object from a distant dimmer object for example, we can not differentiate between a small close object and a distant large object. For example the sun and moon appear in the sky to us as equally sized balls. Globe Earth theory tells us the moon is close and small and the sun is far away and very large. But to us they appear in the sky to be the same size.

So we have very limited information to work on. All we can see in the sky is objects that either emanate light themselves or objects that are illuminated by some other light, like the light of the sun for example. So we are unable to see anything that does not reflect emit light, is not illuminated or does not reflect light. Also our field of vision is quite limited.

To understand and describe exactly how a large and complex system, like the universe, is working, without being able to see it, is very difficult. This has been explained to be similar to a number of blind men trying to understand what an elephant is. One has his hands around one of the legs of the elephant and says it is just like a tree trunk. Another has got hold of the trunk of the elephant and says it is like a big flexible hose, etc. But how can they understand the elephant? They are blind, they can not see it, they are very small and the elephant is very big…

So an honest scientist would admit this. That they do not understand at all how the universe is working. All they have is a predictive model that they have back engineered. Great and intelligent men have come up with our globe earth predictive model and they have given us something that does, mostly, actually predict what we see happening in the universe around us. But it is only a predictive model, a fairly good predictive model. Because a model predicts the outcome of a system does not guarantee the assumptions upon which the model is built are actually the same as the functioning of the system it is modeling…

So yes. It is possible that the actual situation of the earth is quite different from that we presume it to be. We have never seen the ball floating in space. That is only a concept, a part of a predictive model.

But to be fair the Globe Earth Model is very good. And the flat earth people can not present any sort of valid predictive scientific model at all. They can not agree on a model and none of the models they present work in the sense they do not predict even the basic things we actually experience like they can not even produce a model that correctly predicts the night and day we are actually experiencing in different parts of the world… So if you are a scientist then you have to see what models are available, and clearly the best predictive model we have is the Globe Earth model.

Realistically there is no valid predictive model based on the assumption of a flat earth at present.

Even though the Globe Earth model is good, it is not perfect. There are problems and inconsistencies with it also. And it may not be correct. So anything is possible.

We have open minds and will explore all the possibilities without any prejudice. We do not ‘believe’ in the globe earth or the flat earth. Rather we would like to actually discover the true and actual mechanics and workings of this great machine we call the universe.

The Religion of Flat Earth

Presently there seem to be two camps, Flat Earthers and Globe Earthers, and neither camp can conclusively prove their model is correct. There are problems with both models, many more problems with the Flat Earth model than the Globe Earth model as we have previously mentioned.

It is as if they are two religious groups fighting with each other over their religious beliefs. They are blind believers. They know the earth is flat [or a globe], even though there is sufficient evidence to prove that neither model completely explains what we experience around us.

So it seems to us that in reality none of us properly understand the workings of the universe and we need to all admit that we do not have complete knowledge and that some of the things we blindly accept as proven facts may in fact be incorrect…

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