Midnight Sun in Antarctica? Time-Lapse Video

Time-lapse video of the sun at Ushuala in Argentina, South America, December 21, 2017.

Believers in the flat earth theory have a “Flat Earth Map” that puts Antartica around the edges of their flat earth with the sun in the center. This arrangement necessitates that it would not be possible for the sun to appear for 24 hours a day during December, the “midnight sun” phenomenon that is well known at the South Pole.

In fact, according to the Flat Earth model, the sun would have to always remain in the Northern half of the sky in Antarctica. However in this time-lapse video from Ushuala, the southernmost point of South America, we can see the sun rotating around almost 360 degrees. It does set in the South for a few hours and rise again, still in the South, which would be totally impossible on the map being promoted by the flat earth people.

This time-lapse video is consistent with the model of the earth as a globe and proves the map most flat-earthers currently believe in can not be correct.

During December of 2017 I visited the southern most tip of South America which has a latitude of 54.8 degrees South.

Transcript of Video:

This is the place where tours to Antarctica leave from.

I am located about a kilometer in on the top of one of the buildings.

This is a time-lapse of the sun. We are looking towards the north.

At this time of the year the sun is above the Tropic of Capricorn, which is further up towards the the North in South America and also goes through Australia. The Tropic of Capricorn is at a latitude of 23.4 degrees South. So the sun can’t go any further South than this 23.4 degrees and we are at 54.8 degrees south.

So if the flat earth map is correct the sun must always stay in the Northern part of the sky when viewed from the southernmost tip of South America.

On the flat earth map it would be impossible for the sun to appear in the South here. This is why most flat earthers do not believe that Antarctica experiences 24 hours of sun in December. They believe, based on the flat earth map, the sun must stay in the north.

But Now we are looking towards the South. And you can clearly see the sun in the South. At this time we know it is daytime in Australia and the sun is actually directly over the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia. And we are clearly seeing the sun here in the Southern direction from South America at the same time.

Now the sun has set in the South, but we can see where it is and the camera is still tracking it.

Now we are seeing the sun rise again in the South after only a few hours.

We know the sun is over Australia yet we are seeing the sun by looking South from South America.

This is what we would expect to see on a globe. But this is totally impossible on the flat earth map.

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