Midnight Sun in Antarctica? Time-Lapse Video

Time-lapse video of the sun at Ushuala in Argentina, South America, December 21, 2017.

Believers in the flat earth theory have a “Flat Earth Map” that puts Antartica around the edges of their flat earth with the sun in the center. This arrangement necessitates that it would not be possible for the sun to appear for 24 hours a day during December, the “midnight sun” phenomenon that is well known at the South Pole.

In fact, according to the Flat Earth model, the sun would have to always remain in the Northern half of the sky in Antarctica. However in this time-lapse video from Ushuala, the southernmost point of South America, we can see the sun rotating around almost 360 degrees. It does set in the South for a few hours and rise again, still in the South, which would be totally impossible on the map being promoted by the flat earth people.

This time-lapse video is consistent with the model of the earth as a globe and proves the map most flat-earthers currently believe in can not be correct.

During December of 2017 I visited the southern most tip of South America which has a latitude of 54.8 degrees South.

Transcript of Video:

This is the place where tours to Antarctica leave from.

I am located about a kilometer in on the top of one of the buildings.

This is a time-lapse of the sun. We are looking towards the north.

At this time of the year the sun is above the Tropic of Capricorn, which is further up towards the the North in South America and also goes through Australia. The Tropic of Capricorn is at a latitude of 23.4 degrees South. So the sun can’t go any further South than this 23.4 degrees and we are at 54.8 degrees south.

So if the flat earth map is correct the sun must always stay in the Northern part of the sky when viewed from the southernmost tip of South America.

On the flat earth map it would be impossible for the sun to appear in the South here. This is why most flat earthers do not believe that Antarctica experiences 24 hours of sun in December. They believe, based on the flat earth map, the sun must stay in the north.

But Now we are looking towards the South. And you can clearly see the sun in the South. At this time we know it is daytime in Australia and the sun is actually directly over the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia. And we are clearly seeing the sun here in the Southern direction from South America at the same time.

Now the sun has set in the South, but we can see where it is and the camera is still tracking it.

Now we are seeing the sun rise again in the South after only a few hours.

We know the sun is over Australia yet we are seeing the sun by looking South from South America.

This is what we would expect to see on a globe. But this is totally impossible on the flat earth map.

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22 Replies to “Midnight Sun in Antarctica? Time-Lapse Video”

  1. Padma Nabha das

    El movimiento del sol es muy grande más allá de la Antártica no es que el sol llega solo hasta Capricornio no .
    El sol tiene una posición real sobre la montaña manasotar en diciembre 21 y nosotros tenemos una observación aparente reflejada en el domo en el hemisferio sur.
    Los vedas describen muy bien todo .

    The movement of the sun is very large beyond Antarctica is not that the sun only reaches Capricorn not.
    The sun has a real position on the Manasotar mountain on December 21 and we have an apparent observation reflected in the dome in the southern hemisphere.
    The Vedas describe everything very well.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      I am studying the Vedas also but do not understand it very clearly. If you read Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 10 you will see that the sun does not actually move around Manasottara Mountain. And there is no “dome” mentioned in the Vedas. What is on Manasottara mountain is the single axle of the chariot of the Sun God. So it is the Axle, not the sun itself, that spins around on the top of Manasottara mountaion, going all the way around 360 degrees in a year and rotating once every 24 hours. But actual sun movement is not on the mountain itself but is much closer to earth [center of bhu-mandala] going around, up and down, the axle.
      So if you truly understand the Vedic model PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO ME FULLY. I would also like to understand it…

      • ON THE LEVEL

        Flat Earth Facts,

        The video is interesting & leaves unanswered questions.

        If you’re only half a kilometer inland from South America’s southern tip how is there clearly visible land with settlements beyond your southern coast line?

        If sun sets South of your location why does it appear to set over land?

        Like so many supposed South pole 24 hour sun videos why is there in fact a long period of darkness in the video in which you as apparent narrator claim to track a sun that you claim to be able to see but is no where visible in the video? Why is there clearly missing time lapse footage evidenced by the fact that daylight suddenly appears over the entire sky suddenly out of complete darkness?

        Why do you allow only one comment to appear on this thread?

        Did you really want a discussion when you put this on your website?

        There are many more questions but these are a good start.

        • Flat Earth Facts

          Only one good comment so far. I only post good comments, the ones that are useful. So if there were more useful comments I would have posted them.

          As far as this video, it’s not a question of 24 hour sun, we are not far enough south for 24 hour sun. But there is only about 4 hours where sun is below the horizon and it sets in the south and rises again in the south, some distance along the horizon. It is not difficult for most to see the path of the sun in the sky. It is going round in a circle, because on the video, we start looking north, sun goes to the south and it is obvious to anyone who can slightly think, with all due respect, that the sun is continuing, in the south, below the horizon, and rising again, in the south, a bit further along.

          Now the sun can not be in the south in the flat earth model. That is the point. Look at your flat earth model. Sun can not be in the south.

          But it is in the south.

          And anyone also can project that if we have moved this far south and we are seeing the sun circling around our heads in the sky, but setting a little bit for a few hours, then if we were to go further south then we are moving around the globe towards the south pole, and changing our relationship to the path of the sun, so it will be midnight sun.

          It is obvious for anyone who is prepared to think about it.

          Daylight appears suddenly, not really, but that is because I changed the settings on the camera. Sun actually and sets and light is going up and down as you would expect it to.

          So the point of this video is to show that the movement of the sun in the south is consistent with the globe earth model and completely contradictory to the flat earth model.

          If you want spend the $10,000 extra you can get on a boat and go further South and see the midnight sun yourself, if you go there in December. But I was not prepared to spend the extra $10,000. For me seeing from this point is sufficient to understand what is going on.



    Have thought about your video scenario for a while and it seems you misunderstand something very critical which actually disproves the globe ( especially the heliocentric model ) and conflicts with the standard Flat Earth model as well. In your video when the sun passes directly over head it’s behind and North of the camera’s position. If it indeed sets in the South that runs counter to both standard Flat Earth and globe models since the Sun’s rays supposedly run straight and parallel toward the Earth. Why? Well, because you forget Earth’s tilt. For the sun to appear North of your location the North Pole must tilt toward the sun ( aka Southern hemisphere winter ). If it tilted away the Sun must appear South of your location. Further, Earth’s spin rotates your position back and upward, but the downward tilt always keeps the sun North of your position.
    This is a failing of the heliocentric model. If you examine temperature profile of the equatorial band it runs a consistent distance from the North Pole center. Yet, that should not happen if the Earth tilts. The following video provides an interesting perspective:

    50 Reasons Why You Should Believe The Earth Is Flat (theodysseyonline.com)

    In addition, there exists a Flat Earth model that accounts for this phenomenon in particular. The Bi-Polar Flat Earth model originally established by the Universal Zetetic Society in the 1900’s does account for the phenomenon you mentioned. For a while I’ve been considering a two pole Flat Earth and it does account for observed phenomenon. In this model the Sun circles around the North Pole in the Northern Spring & Summer months from March 21 to September 21 but circles around the South Pole in the Northern Fall and Winter months from September 21 to March 21 of following year. The Sun’s circuit does a figure 8 around the Equinox time period. It seems on the Equinox the Sun merely shuttles back and forth between the Western and Eastern extremities in a straight line.

    If you want to find out more please read the information below:




    Consider the scientific fact monopoles don’t exist.

    Have a great day!

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Hi OTL

      The problem with almost everything you write is you have no comprehension whatsoever how the globe earth model works.

      Globe earth model works perfectly in the situation I have observed in my video from the bottom tip of South America.

      Observations are EXACTLY what we would expect to see when viewing the heavens from a spinning globe.

      Why don’t you try and learn how the globe earth model works. It is a beautiful model conceived by some of the greatest thinkers over history.

      It is, I am quite sure, not correct.

      But it is a beautiful scientific model which does, in almost all cases, very accurately predict our observations.

      So the point is what is in this video is 100% consistent with the globe earth model and 100% proves the flat earth model is totally incorrect. These observations would be impossible on any flat earth model I have ever seen.

      Because, from a flat earth, south of Tropic of Cancer, it is impossible to see the sun in the south. But we clearly see the sun in the south, as it should be, in the globe earth model.

      As for the bi-polar model. It is interesting, I will look into it in more detail.

      But you need to study the globe earth model and try to comprehend how it works. Until you actually comprehend the globe earth model all your criticism’s of it are all rubbish.


    FEF states:

    “So the point is what is in this video is 100% consistent with the globe earth model and 100% proves the flat earth model is totally incorrect. These observations would be impossible on any flat earth model I have ever seen.”

    Your video is not consistent with the globe model as I explained. You ignore the 23 degree angle of spin/rotation and have in no way explained it.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      It is too tedious for me to spend time answering your ignorant questions which all show you don’t have the faintest idea as to how the globe earth model works. So my suggestion is you learn about the globe earth model. All the points you bring up in this post are stupid, showing you have, like almost all flat earthers, no conception of how the globe earth model works. And I can explain it but you will probably not even read it and just go on with your nonsense rubbish. So what’s the point. Every observation in this video is exactly what the globe earth model predicts we should see and it is impossible to explain these observations with the flat earth model.

      • ON THE LEVEL

        If true that you understand the globe Earth model, please explain to the great unwashed how the sun can appear north of you midday but south of you at sunrise and sunset as you contend in the video?

        • Flat Earth Facts

          That is the whole point of the video. That is exactly what we would expect to happen on a globe heading towards one of the poles. If you went all the way to the South Pole in the middle of summer you would see the sun just going around in circles above your head. And as you move north from the South Pole because you are going around the curve of the globe your viewing angle of the orbit of the sun changes. At the pole sun’s orbit is in a circle going around above your head, but as you move around the globe to the equator you see the sun rising in the east and going in a straight line across the sky and setting in the west.

          So your view of the sun’s orbit has rotated by 90 degrees as you move from the south pole to the equator.

          So because, on southern tip of South America, we have moved around about 30 degrees so now to us the suns orbit has titled, actual sun’s orbit is the same, but we have moved around the globe 30 degrees, so instead of seeing sun going around in circles above our head, as we would see at South Pole, now we can see it is still going around but it has tilted so it is setting for a few hours and rising in the south.

          This is EXACTLY what the globe earth model predicts will happen and is 100% in accordance with what we expect to see.

          That I have to explain it to you is tedious, as I said before. And I should not have to educate people about the most basic fundamental principles of the globe earth model. So I suggest you try to learn and comprehend how wonderfully the globe earth model works from someone else. I don’t have the time to explain every little detail of the globe earth model that everyone should know.

          Of course the education system is broken and now really no one has any idea how anything works…

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Yes. Interesting, but still an impossible map. The only way to get from Australia to South America is by flying over Africa/. Which is not the reality. You can fly from Sydney to Argintina in 9 hours or so, directly, impossible on this map. So nice idea but map is still wrong.

          • ON THE LEVEL


            You really seem fact phobic. Checked travelocity & other travel websites the best time from Sidney, Australia to Argentina I found was ~12.7 hours. Where you derived 9 hours to travel some 6-8,000 miles is anyone’s guess. Can you provide evidence of your claim? Or is this more beautiful model devotion over reason?

            You’ve stated a distrust in sensory evidence, suggest you don’t give up your imperfect brain as well

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Yes. You are correct. I was actually thinking of the flights I took which were 9-10 hours, but that is Auckland to Bureaus Aires which is shorter of course, three hour flight between Sydney and Auckland.



    Facts rear their heads against silly models. In the last few days have traced the North-West lunar path ( within 5 degrees of supposed ecliptic ) as it sets toward the North-West via time lapsed security video here North of the equator. Since in December the sun is apparently south of the equator should it not set toward the South-West? This seems to make a hash of your cobbled, slice and repackaged video and bi-polar Flat Earth theory. Btw, the sun seems to make similar trek, but we’ve had cloudy evenings lately. All very consistent with conventional flat earth model theory. Do ball Earthers ever look at the sky?


    • Flat Earth Facts

      Hi OTL…

      Yes. Even if the flat earthers do occasionally look at the sky they become very confused…

      You are talking about the sun but you are looking at the moon???


      If you want to talk about the sun then you have to look at the sun.

      At least, according to globe earth model, the way the sun works and the way the moon works are completely different. We are supposed to be orbiting the sun at an angle and it is that angle the earth is tilted at that causes the sun to appear to rise and set from different directions. According to globe earth model sun should, now, in the winter in the Northern hemisphere, be rising in the south-east and setting in the south west. Sun is directly above us in the the South at the moment, it is summer here, and we have sun directly above us. So it should be close to rising in the east and setting in the west here. Which I am fairly sure it is.

      So because sun is directly above us in the South, it should be lower in the sky in the southern part of the sky for you in the North, rising in south-east and setting in south-west.

      So to check this YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THE SUN, not the moon.

      In globe earth model the moon is quite different to the sun. I have not studied it very closely but, and I really don’t know what its orbit around the earth is, except it is a bit tilted so only sometimes it comes between the earth and the sun and makes an eclipse, but because it can come between the earth and the sun, must mean, more-or-less over the equator, but still seems solar eclipses can be anywhere… But for us to see the moon phases as we do, moon has to be moving more-or-less perpendicular to the sun.

      Anyhow point is I have not studied it and do not understand moons movement in the globe earth model very well. I have, however, seen some preocular things. So there may well be issues with the moon.

      But you are talking about the sun. So if you want to talk about the sun YOU HAVE TO OBSERVE THE SUN. You can not observe the moon and make conclusions about the sun.

      So yes, flat earthers do not look at the sky, but if they happen to look at the sky they get very confused.

      • ON THE LEVEL


        You appear to grow more fact averse and absurd with each post. My prior post stated the sun appeared to make the same trek. To be sure I re-checked the surveillance time lapse footage and indeed the sun traced a similar north-west sunset trajectory. So indeed I did observe the sun via surveillance video make a similar north-west descent. You can spout delusion in all-caps if you like, but fact-phobic responses don’t change observations.

        You yourself claimed:
        “According to globe earth model sun should, now, in the winter in the Northern hemisphere, be rising in the south-east and setting in the south west.”

        Except your claim doesn’t match observations, neither mine nor prior observers as shown in prior post. As the sun and/or moon descend toward the horizon they arc to the North-West! However, you yourself claim to have not observed the sun!

        “I have not studied it very closely but, and I really don’t know what its orbit around the earth is, except it is a bit tilted so only sometimes it comes between the earth and the sun and makes an eclipse, but because it can come between the earth and the sun, must mean, more-or-less over the equator, but still seems solar eclipses can be anywhere… But for us to see the moon phases as we do, moon has to be moving more-or-less perpendicular to the sun.”

        You should read people’s posts before a reply and shouldn’t admonish anyone for not looking at the sky when by your own admission you haven’t! The moon follows the ecliptic very closely, within 5 degrees. So you have no proof from personal observation, or astronomical claims that the lunar and solar circuits intersect at right angles! Even the globetard astronomers don’t claim that:


        Please read following passage from Astronomy magazine above:

        “As Earth orbits the Sun each year, the Sun appears to cross in front of more than a dozen constellations. As observers on a nearly circular path that takes 365 days to complete, we find the Sun moves approximately 1° per day against the background stars. This movement defines a line, called the ecliptic, around the celestial sphere. The ecliptic is inclined 23.5° to the celestial equator because this is the amount Earth’s rotation axis is tilted relative to its orbit.

        The Moon follows generally the same path, but with some important differences. The Moon’s orbit is tilted 5.1° relative to the ecliptic. So, the Moon can appear anywhere in a band extending 5.1° north (above) and south (below) of the ecliptic.”

        So, the moon follows generally the same path as the sun at the supposed solar ecliptic! More than globetards or flat-heads you need to look at the sky!!!


        • Flat Earth Facts

          Hi FEF

          Don’t worry, I’m with you. And thanks for the information that moon and sun are both following similar paths in the sky. They have to be of course otherwise how could we get eclipses.

          Yes. I have not studied it very deeply but intend to over the coming few months. So I will be looking at the sky more intently over the next few months. Currently where I am it is 100% covered in clouds most of the time. But I will be moving soon.

          I have also noticed the same thing down here. Sun rising and setting in places that instinctively do not seem to be right. But I have never seriously checked it.

          When I can see the sun again here I will check it and let you know what it is doing here. I am not far from the equator at the moment, but it is rainy season. so can’t really see the sky day or night.

          For you in the North in winter, sun should be in the southern part of the sky.

          I do suspect there are inconsistencies but it needs proper study and observations, which I have never done, but hope to over the coming months.

          So let me know if you make any further discoveries.

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Hi OTL

            Yes. I have always questioned this. The globe earthers position the sun and the moon COMPLETELY differently. Moon is tiny and close and orbiting earth, and sun is gigantic and far far away and earth is orbiting the sun. Yet we see their movements in the sky practically identical, except of course, sun takes a year to go through all the star signs but moon does it in 28 days…. So it has always seemed strange to me…

            I looked at Eric Dubay’s video, but he is falling into the same trap as the one that the globe earthers have fallen into.

            Eric asserts that “the sun and the moon are the same size because they appear to be the same size”…

            Eric, like the scientists, is believing in the false perception of his senses.

            I can take a basketball and put it up on a stand and stand away from the basketball the correct distance and the the basketball, the sun and the moon will all be the same size…

            So this “logic” of Eric Dubay is nonsense. Most of what he says is nonsense actually.

            Eric Dubay just strings errors and incorrect statements together and his hypnotized followers are captivated. But anyone with half a brain can see much of what he says is rubbish, illogical, inconsistent nonsense.

          • ON THE LEVEL

            Hi FEF,

            You state:

            “Yet we see their movements in the sky practically identical, except of course, sun takes a year to go through all the star signs but moon does it in 28 days….”

            Have not charted their movements relative to starfield myself, but I see problems with this comparison. We cannot track solar motion relative to starfield because when sun appears daylight obscures entire starfield! Lunar and starfield motion can be objectively analyzed and compared by most watchers because their motions appear at same relative time period with little if any mutual interference. In regards solar motion, we can and only infer where we think stars would be relative to sun theoretically.

            “Eric, like the scientists, is believing in the false perception of his senses.”

            We know both camps cannot be simultaneously correct because they make divergent claims. However, we cannot say with certitude that sun and moon are not relatively close and/or similar in size. In short, we cannot prove his senses deceived him. Why? Well because the only way you could prove or disprove it is through the very same senses some deride. Humans abstract solar or lunar distances and sizes to fit their theories in such a manner that they hopefully don’t run afoul of sensory observation!

            Yes, it’s possible to take a beach ball and a baseball and position them to appear the same size to a given viewer perspective. It’s also possible two balls that appear the same size are in fact the same size. What’s often required for verification is a different perspective, change in position and/or motion of some sort.

            To sum up without the use of your senses you cannot prove or even make any claim in regards the supposed material universe ( space, time & matter ) because it’s only by these very same senses you know of their existence to begin with!


          • Flat Earth Facts

            Hi OTL

            You have to think about it: “We cannot track solar motion relative to starfield because when sun appears daylight obscures entire starfield!”

            If you think about the sun, it is moving through the entire 360 degrees of all the constellations, the signs of the zodiac, it spends one month in each of the 12 signs, more-or-less. So sun is moving quite slowly in relation to the starfield.

            So all you have to do is look at the stars just before sunrise and you will see what constellation or sign of the zodiac that is, and that is where the sun is in relation to the starfield. Sun is only going to move about 1 degree in relation to the starfield in a day. So it is very easy to know where the sun is in relation to the starfield.

            And as far as the moon. Moon they say is orbiting earth every 28 days. So that means the moon is travelling through the whole 360 degrees, all the constellations or signs of the zodiac, every 28 days.

            So that was my point. Both sun and moon are doing the same thing in the sky, but moon does it in 28 days, while the sun takes a year to do it.

            No both camps can not be correct, but it is quite possible that both camps are wrong and the reality is something quite different from what is proposed by either the globe earthers or the flat earthers. That very strong possibility is there, they are both wrong.

            Yes. I think you are coming to accept the reality that our senses are imperfect and that we have such a limited view of the universe that we can’t prove or test anything. We just see some lights in the sky and we speculate. Globe earthers are speculating one way and flat earthers are speculating another way.

            But neither side has any actual ability to observe the system or make any experiments with the system to prove or disprove their theories.

            I have hinted before that the only way we can actually find out what is going on is to hear it from someone who knows what is going on.

            We only have a 2 dimensional view of the sky. We have no way of measuring distance or relative sizes of the different objects we see. Science says moon is close and a quarter of the size of earth and sun is far far far away and gigantic. Eric says they are the same size, because they look the same size. Of course that is a very poor justification. The globe earthers theories are far more developed and intellectually satisfying and seem much more plausible, however, globe earthers also face the same problem, they have very limited ability to observe the system. So they can only guess based on very tiny fragmental bits of information gathered through their imperfect senses.

            So the most likely outcome is both globe earthers and flat earthers are wrong.

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