Flat earth: Are Australia to South America flights real?

Air New Zealand now flies direct to Buenos Aires from Auckland. The flight time is approximately 12 hours. They operate three return services a week with their Boeing 777-200 airplanes all year around.

Many believers in the flat earth claim such flights are impossible and not real. This is because most flat earthers accept a map that puts Australia and South America on opposite sides of their flat earth making them so far apart that you would have to travel at more than twice the speed of sound to make the journey in the twelve hours that these flights actually take to transport passengers from Auckland, New Zealand to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

So just to find out for myself if these flights are real or not I booked a return ticket to Buenos Aires in December 2017.

I left Auckland on the evening of December 11, 2017 and did arrive in Buenos Aires approximately 12 hours later, along with a full plane load of other people. I also took the return flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland on December 24, 2017 and that similarly took about 12 hours and I most certainly arrived in Auckland.

To try and understand exactly where the plane was flying I took my iPhone with a data logger logging all the sensor information it could get for the flight. Unfortunately on the flight to Buenos Aires, perhaps to the design of the airplane, the iPhone could not pick up any GPS signal but on the return flight it was a different plane and I was able to get GPS coordinates for at least part of the flight. But the other senses like direction, altitude, speed, etc, were working an logging data on both flights.

I am including the raw datalogs for both flights below and please analyze them yourself and let me know what you find in the comments:



Please see the image below for the GPS data I was able to collect on the flight from Buenos Aires to New Zealand. It is incomplete but these are actual GPS coordinates recorded and logged by my iPhone on the flight. So it appears they have taken the long route. As we are lead to believe that if they would have flown down towards the South Pole, because the earth is a globe, it would be shorter. But instead of doing this they have flown up, towards the equator, then back down again towards New Zealand. So the route according to the GPS coordinates does appear a bit different to the route they show on their flight information system.

So the actual route appears to be quite dramatically different from the route they show us on the flight information screen:

So the conclusion is the flights in the Southern Hemisphere like the one I personally went on from Auckland to Buenos Aires do exist and are real and do take approximately 12 hours which would be impossible on the flat earth map unless the planes were flying at more than twice the speed of sound. Which I think we can be quite sure they are not. And we have verified they do fly on more-or-less the same route as they are claimed to fly on. So this information would appear to cast rather serious doubts on the validity of the accepted flat earth map.

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  1. DG

    Hey there, I read through your post here and found the flight pattern to be very intriguing. After a little searching, I found that the most reasonable explanation for the alteration in advertised versus actual flight path would be the local jet stream patterns at the time of your flight. If you go to this link below, you’ll find that the flight path recorded by your GPS tracker falls in line with the average jet stream pattern that would allow for minimal fuel burn. Good post!


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