Problems with the Flat Earth

The problem with the flat earth is there is no working model. Flat earthers can not explain the most basic things we observe happening in the sky and around us. Flat earthers can not even provide a model predicting the actual occurrence of day and night as we experience it on planet earth.

They give us a picture of a flat earth with a moon and sun floating 3000 miles above it. But do not even think to check if that sun in that position could conceivably product the day and night we actually experience. It can not so they should not be presenting a model that outrageously does not work at all.

There are many such faults in the doctrine of the flat earthers and we will go into more details in the articles in this section.

“Impossible” Flat Earth Flights

“Impossible” Flat Earth Flights
One of the big "proofs" that the earth is flat offered by the flat earthers is...

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Midnight Sun at South Pole Impossible?

When we look at the accepted flat earth map we see the sun moving in circles....

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Flat Earth: Day and Night

Flat Earth: Day and Night
The most basic thing we experience is the sun rising in the morning and setting in...

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3 Replies to “Problems with the Flat Earth”

  1. AnonStar

    This is actually false and there has been many displays of how seasons, and night and day work. Just duckduckgo search it. Since Google supresses flat earth results.
    Also the biblical model included with the display of the four seasons and night and day working on a flat earth works very well. The sun on a flat earth model only lights up a certain distance and not the entire thing at once. Since the sun in a flat earth model is much smaller than what nasa states. Much smaller than the earth .

  2. Conscious

    At least there is prove now for a sort of flat earth. Earth is a crater on an immense (perhaps endless) surface. All other craters (with water) are the planets and stars you see in the sky (depands in which sphere it’s been seen). Just watch all episodes from: ‘godgevlamste’

  3. dale paul

    of course the earth is flat with a glass celling and the sun and moon rotate around the earth jus as it say in the bible and it is within the waters from witch it was created , just like a embryo in the embryo fluid the earth and the firmament expands beyond the ice wall for future use of mankind once we awaking to this truth. and much much more. to come

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