Scientific experiments prove flat earth

Over the years scientists have formulated a number of experiments attempting to prove the earth is moving and measure its movement. So far all such attempts have failed and they have not been able to prove the earth is moving or measure the movement.

Conclusion: While this does not prove the earth is flat it does give a strong indication that the earth is not moving, and as the flat earthers claim the earth is stationary this does support the flat earth model.

Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 16) The experiment known as “Airy’s Failure” proved that the stars move relative to a stationary Earth and not the other way around.
  • 17) “Olber’s Paradox” states that if there were billions of stars which are suns the night sky would be filled completely with light.
  • 18) The Michelson-Morley and Sagnac experiments attempted to measure the change in speed of light due to Earth’s assumed motion through space. After measuring in every possible different direction in various locations they failed to detect any significant change.
  • 140) Foucault’s Pendulums are often quoted as proof of a rotating Earth but upon closer investigation prove the opposite. To begin with, Foucault’s pendulums do not uniformly swing in any one direction. Sometimes they rotate clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much. The behavior of the pendulum actually depends on 1) the initial force beginning its swing and, 2) the ball-and-socket joint used which most-readily facilitates circular motion over any other. The supposed rotation of the Earth is completely inconsequential and irrelevant to the pendulum’s swing. If the alleged constant rotation of the Earth affected pendulums in any way, then there should be no need to manually start pendulums in motion. If the Earth’s diurnal rotation caused the 360 degree uniform diurnal rotation of pendulums, then there should not exist a stationary pendulum anywhere on Earth!
  • 141) The “Coriolis Effect” is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the Northern Hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the Southern Hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way, thus providing proof of the spinning ball-Earth. Once again, however, just like Foucault’s Pendulums spinning either which way, sinks and toilets in the Northern and Southern hemispheres do not consistently spin in any one direction!
  • 187) The second law of thermodynamics, otherwise known as the law of entropy, along with the fundamental principles of friction/resistance determine the impossibility of Earth being a uniformly spinning ball. Over time, the spinning ball Earth would experience measurable amounts of drag constantly slowing the spin and lengthening the amount of hours per day. As not the slightest such change has ever been observed in all of recorded history it is absurd to assume the Earth has ever moved an inch.

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  1. Ted Rozenfelds

    The length of day DID used to be longer. The internal body clock of humans is set to a 25 hour day as an evolutionary leftover of mammals experiencing longer days in the far past.
    Also Foucault’s Pendulum MUST be set in action as it’s mass is already moving with the rotation of the Earth, so a force is required to accelerate or decelerate it relative to the direction of the surface of the earth.
    The Michelson-Morley experiment was done to test for an ‘aether, which it did not find, not for the rotation of the Earth. This is regularly and knowingly misreferred to, so must be put down to intellectual dishonesty by now. Plus no ‘aether’ means shielding a gyroscope won’t prevent it finding the 15 degrees rotation per hour predicted by the globe model, as flat earthers all know by now.

    • Doc Math

      How idiotic!
      Start here…
      A CHALLENGE TO PROFESSORS, SCIENTISTS, PHYSICIST’S and generally delusional globe believers…
      Photograph and photoshop are 2 different things.
      The 1st is real, the 2nd is Computer generated.
      NASA utilizes 100% CGI for ALL of their published images as do ALL other space agencies so please don’t waste time with using this as proof or ANY other military or deceptively claimed  to be private agency as follows…
      China National Space Administration (CNSA)
      European Space Agency (ESA)
      Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)
      Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
      Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
      German Aerospace Center (DLR)
      Italian Space Agency (ASI)
      National Centre for Space Studies (France)
      Canadian Space Agency
      Further, Images taken with a fisheye lens ARE NOT PROOF OF ANYTHING AND WON’T BE CONSIDERED.
      I will gladly debate AFTER scientific proof of a spinning ball earth. My qualifications, (or lack thereof)…
      I’ve worked as a college professor and have over 3 years of research on the topic of Cosmology. I work as an advanced robotic systems programmer/analyst with a background in computer science with emphasis on automotive assembly line controls engineering and throughput enhancement. I’ve installed entire assembly lines for G.M., Ford, Diamler-Chrysler, NIssan, Toyota, and Auto-Alliance/Mazda and have worked under direct employ of G.M Cadillac and Diamler as Systems Analyst. 
      1st, I require prior to debate scientific proof of the following…
      1. Curvature of the earth at 8 inches per mile SQUARED as specified in the Pythagoras Theorem, (To date has NEVER been done.)
      2. Proof of the earths motion as proven to be false in the Michelson-Morley experiment and many others.
      3. (optional) Proof of Einsteins theory of E=Mc2 which was originally designed to prove the Heliocentric model.
      If you truly believe in your education and can backup your cosmology/physics and astronomy I’m Here for you to completely humiliate! Just think of the fun you’ll have making me look like a total IMBECILE??, AND HOW COOL YOU’LL LOOK TO YOUR PEERS????

      • Flat Earth Facts

        Yes. Interesting. As far as I have seen there is no absolute proof we are on a spinning ball in space. However we have to admit they have given a very good theory and explanation as to how it could be that we are on a spinning ball in space. And there is no competing theory, there is no alternative.

        So my suspicion, as you are a very intelligent scientific minded persin, is your energy would be better served by proposing a working predictive scientific model that works at least as well as the globe earth model with a starting premise which is something different from a spinning ball in space.

        That is the missing link here. Sure we can prove certain aspects of the globe earth model have flaws, and there are flaws in the globe earth model, there are some inconsistencies in our observations that may cause us to question the globe earth model. But there is no other working model.

        You say the earth is flat, so the responsibility should be on you to explain clearly, logically and scientifically how us being on a flat plane can produce the things we see happening around us. You need a model, a working predictive scientific model, like the one the globe earthers have, but one based on a different premise. That is missing for the flat earthers, and if you can come up with such a valid working predictive scientific model on the premise that the earth is flat that explains everything we see happening in the sky, that explains the changing lengths of day and night, the seasons, the phases of the moon, the solar and lunar eclipses, etc, etc, then you have got something to contribute.

        Just trying to fault small aspects of the globe earth model is more-or-less pointless if you do not have an alternative model to offer.

        • On the level

          You present a challenge Flat Earth Facts. One phenomenon supposedly unexplained by Flat Earth Model is the Southern celestial Pole star field rotation.

          ** lots of rubbish snipped **


          • Flat Earth Facts

            This is not the place, On the Level, for linking to absolute rubbish that does not explain anything at all.

            Flat earthers seem to be like that. Someone makes a video and speaks some big words and total nonsense and all flat earthers believe it, but of course have no idea at all what he said…

            You, flat earthers, can not even explain the Northern Hemisphere sky, what to speak of the Southern Hemisphere.

            You can not explain the phases of the moon for example. What we observe is totally impossible with your same sized sun and moon rotating around a few thousand miles up. You can not explain, as I already pointed out, how it is that as you travel from the north towards the equator for every degree of latitude you travel the polestar with drop one degree in the sky. That is what would happen if we were on a globe. You can not explain the totally different view of the stars as we travel around the globe. At the poles you look up and see the stars all going around a central point, at the equator we see in the center of the sky everything rising from the east and moving across the sky in a straight line and setting in the south as if we were on the equator of a spinning ball looking up. This sort of display in the sky is exactly what we would expect on a globe, but not something we can conceive of observing from a flat plane. By moving from the poles to the equator our view of the sky is rotated 45 degrees. Anyone can see that. And if you walk from the pole of a globe to the equator of a globe then your viewpoint of the sky has rotated 45 degrees.

            It seems impossible to rotate the view we have of the sky by 45 degrees simply by moving along a flat plane. And if you are going to be taken serious you have to explain how this change in our view of the sky, rotating it by 45 degrees, could possible happen simply by moving along a flat plane.

            So you can not explain what we see, even in the Northern Hemisphere, presuming the earth is a flat plane. That is why I say flat earthers do not look at the sky.

            This is not a place, as I have said often, for the true believers in the flat earth or the true believers in the globe. So it is not a place for you. It is a place for the few people who are prepared to think outside the box.

            We have got two camps here, the flat earth camp and the globe earth camp. So we are trying to investigate the truth and finding the truth means you have to be prepared to admit firstly that you do not know the truth, and secondly that some or many of the ideas you currently hold may be incorrect.

            There is no flat earth model, you people have no idea at all, no conception as to how it could work if we were on a flat plane. You just have some sentimental idea which has no basis whatsoever in science, logic or anything at all.

            You can not argue for something that you have no idea how it could possibly work, and that is your position. You have no idea at all how the things we observe could be produced if the earth was flat, you can not draw a map that accurately depicts the real measurable distances we can easily test on this planet that will fit on a flat plane. So you have to get a valid map that matches our observable, measurable reality, you have to be able to explain the sky, even the Northern Hemisphere. Otherwise no thoughtful person can take it seriously.

            In fact no thoughtful, intelligent person can take the flat earth idea seriously because you can not explain how the earth could be flat and at the same time produce the observations that we make every day.

          • Flat Earth Facts

            As far as the moon, think about your flat earth system, we could never see a full moon with your system. In your system moon would at the most be only ever half illuminated. The thing is NOTHING the flat earth people say actually works if you test it to see if it would produce the actual observations that we experience. It it total rubbish, at least what has been presented so far, and no thoughtful person could believe it.

      • On the level

        Doc Math,

        Great post. Thank you for the link clearly showing that Michelson-Morley did not disprove luminiferous ether because experiment assumes Earth movement. Some still don’t get it.

  2. stanton vandance

    Hi there peoples of ,(flat), Earth!
    read your ‘proofs’ of ‘flatness and i have one thought…..Wind!,(blowing kind!) Where does it come from?? where does it Go??
    if this is a flat dirt plate??

    • Gary

      Air in Motion
      The energy that drives wind originates with the sun, which heats the Earth unevenly, creating warm spots and cool spots. Two simple examples of this are sea breezes and land breezes. Sea breezes occur when inland areas heat up on sunny afternoons.

  3. Bhule

    Evidence please for the longer days and default setting for a 25 hour day. Hopefully this evolutionary leftover is not In the immeasurable and imaginary billions of years bracket. Lets work with verifiable within our sphere of comprehension.
    If Foucault pendulum must be set in action and rotate any direction, what is the exact direction is the earth spinning and at what speed if they also vary ?. Are the fired bullets and planes in transit independent of the earth’s motion to experience the so-called coriolisis effect ?. Wouldn’t that be the case with a pendulum or wrecking ball suspended high up in the air ?. Was Felix still in Earth’s motion when he jumped for Red Bull and landed from edge of space back to Mexico. Sounds like its all magical and selective forces that drives this undetectable presumed motion of the otherwise stationery plane. It obviously exists only in the indoctrinated minds that are proficient at regurgitation and free of independent thinking and reasoning.

  4. Steve Vasconcellos


    • John Smith

      So you have a belief, not scientific observations, or facts.

      Where is the science that can test and demonstrate large bodies of water conforming to the exterior of a ball?

      Where is the science that demonstrates passenger airliners flying level all the way around a ball including upsides down?

      Science should be demonstrable, measurable, and repeatable.

      If it cant then it is not science and all you have is a belief.
      YouTube John Smith Globe Lie

  5. Jennifer

    Rockets don’t go straight up precisely because we are on a globe. They are fired around the Earth not straight up into space.
    When you talk about ‘scientific satisfaction’ you prove you know zilch about science. Experiments are not done to make you feel good that you have done something that fits your beliefs. One does an experiment to find out how a certain object or system behaves and then one draws conclusions about reality from the observable facts.
    Rockets are fired into orbit on a weekly basis and any flat-Earther who could be bothered to leave their basement, where they watch non-stop YouTube videos that confirm their biases, could go and observe such a launch firsthand. But, ya know, even then they’ll find some ad hoc explanation of why reality refuses to conform to their fantasies and how the all-pervasive ‘they’ are spending hundreds of millions of dollars per launch just to make us believe the Earth isn’t really flat for ‘reasons’.
    Then again, if you play with the letters N,A,S & A long enough one can rearrange them to sort of spell ‘Satan’ in medieval Swahili, so it must all be true.

    • Jeremy

      Jennifer you’re my spirt animal and I worship the spherical ground you walk on 😉 Long live science and sanity.

      • David Allen Thacker

        I think the question we should all ask ourselves is, “How do any of us really know either way”? None of us have physically seen anything leave the earths atmosphere, none of us has ever been able to prove the earth is flat. It all depends on your own beliefs. I for one and am skeptical both ways. I dont know if the earth is round, Pear shaped, flat, dish shaped or what. I dont have the ability to get in a spaceship and see for myself. All we have is a lying government and medias word. I for one dont believe that is good enough. They could tell the people the sky is purple and most of the people would believe it. Just like they told the world Derek Chauvin Murdered George Floyd. Just about everyone believes that. He died from an overdose of fentanyl. The cop was very Negligent yes, cruel yes. Did he need to put his knee on that mans neck for 9:27? Hell No it was obviously a little overboard, but do i think he wanted to or meant to kill him? No! I don’t. But the world believes it because the media said so. If you were a cop, what would you have done, Just saying…. I think the cop is getting what he deserves, but i do not think murder was on his mind.
        And nobody knows what shape the earth is. Only those in the “Know” Know

    • Mel Doomis

      Wow this comment is moronic! Earth is concave and Rockets are fired around the Erath because its the only place they have to go. lol No rockets are actually observed leaving the Earth. Just flying out to sea. Millions of dollars? They get it free everyday lol

    • gSpeaks

      Psst. Just like NO ONE can find ANY planetary motion… SO TOO… NO ONE can actually SHOW US the CURVATURE.

      There is an interesting video on YT between FLAT EARTHers and Sphereoids, where they take AN INFLATABLE CANOE out on the Salton Sea to the 3 mile mark.

      The INFLATABLE CANOE refuses to sail over the horizon… which is weird can the Sphereoid model has a declination of 6 feet at 3 miles.

      Bad CANOE!

  6. Ania

    the Earth is flat as we know it for our continents, but this is a very small peace of great Earth (Gaia = mother and father, together), in which the our known earth is only a small crater, surrounded by ice wall of “Antarctica”. Flat Earth doesn’t mean a flying disk in space. I was always wondering how is that possible that I can jump and come back to the same place, why the half moon is visible during the sunny day without changing the proportion of light and shadows. What is the different between new moon and the eclipse?

  7. Bob Quidne

    .The following explanation is not the best one I have ever read, but hopefully it will work for you.
    Basically, a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are vaguely in the same direction, while an eclipse occurs when they are in almost exactly the same direction. For a total eclipse, the alignment has to be nearly perfect. A New Moon is the period of its rotational phase, and it is presenting its “dark side” to the earth.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      This is the problem Bob. These days, because of our failed education system, no one knows anything at all about the globe earth model. That is why it is so easy to convince the uneducated ignorant masses the earth is flat.

      As I say, flat earthers do not look at the sky…

      If you looked at the sky Bob you would know the moon goes through a 28 day cycle. It goes from full moon, to no moon in 14 days, and in another 14 days goes from no moon to full moon. This makes 2 fourteen day periods which made a month that was used in a lot of older lunar calendar systems. Very convenient because you could just look in the sky and see the phase of the moon and tell what day of the month it was.

      So the “new moon” is when the moon is dark.

      The moon does not have a “dark side”.

      Its really hard to understand you don’t know. the moon is, according to the globe earth model, rotating around the earth once in 28 days or so. And the earth is rotating around the sun, but only moving one degree every day, making the complete trip around the sun in a year.

      So really as the moon rotates around the earth it will be illuminated on the side of the moon that is facing the sun. So when the moon is between the earth and the sun it will be the back of the moon that will be illuminated and we will see that as a dark moon, because the other side is illuminated. Then as the days go by, the moon moves around the earth and we start to see the part of the moon that is illuminated by the sun, until the moon is on the opposite side of the earth to the sun, then it is directly facing the sun, so we see the full moon. Then the moon continues around the earth again and our view of the part of the moon illuminated by the sun changes.

      Now, according to the globe earth theory, a solar eclipse occurs when it happens, on the no moon day, the moon comes between the sun and the earth, thus blocking out the sun.

      So at the time of the solar eclipse the earth, moon and sun are all in one line, moon blocking out the light of the sun for a small area on earth.

      Also, if you looked at the sky, you will see the moon always presents the same side to us. We never see the other side of the moon. So, according to the globe earth model, the moon is rotating, but rotating in such a way that it always keeps exactly the same side facing the earth.

  8. Bob Quidne

    I sent a Google globe earth response to answer the question they asked. That explanation was Not from flat earth people. I’m still on the fence because there are things that cannot work with a globe earth and there are things that cannot work with a flat earth model. I purposely used a globe earth answer to their question because i’m not interested in bantering back-and-forth. I’ve learned that globe earth people ignore certain things and rest on what they’ve been told. Science has been wrong a lot. I have learned that flat Earthers are just as stubborn in their own way. I’m perfectly content to occasionally research the subject from both sides. Frankly, I don’t believe either model is correct. But everybody is welcome to their opinion. I just don’t want to go back-and-forth with it because most globe believers use Google… which does not support flat earth. It is like looking for info on Jesus Christ in a CCP library. Ain’t gonna find it. 🙂
    If and when I find someone who uses DuckDuckGo, or the equivalent, to get information about flat earth…with an open mind…. I would consider an intelligent debate back-and-forth. Meanwhile, thank you for your response.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Yes. Very wise Bob.

      You are correct, generally there are sides, often two sides, and there is pressure to join one of the sides and conform with that side and argue with the other side to try and prove your side is correct and the other side is wrong.

      That is all the flat earth and globe earth debate is.

      You are correct, there are things about both sides that are incorrect. But both sides are generally blindly and religiously devoted to proving their side is correct. So for your average globe earther there is no possibility of the earth being anything but a spinning ball in space, even though we have no real proof of that, and for a flat earther there is no possibility the earth is not flat.

      So it just becomes a useless shouting match, one side yelling at the other side, and the other side not listening at all but yelling back with their stuff.

      So that is useless.

      We don’t what that here.

      We just want to calmly investigate the possibilities without any preconceived idea about the shape of the earth to confine us.

      • Flat Earth Facts

        PS: And yes, of course, we live in a world where google controls the information you are allowed to see, so google believe the earth is a globe, you will not be permitted to hear anyone else questioning this… Even duckduckgo, etc, that is ‘powered by google’., that is Microsoft, they don’t yet have such good AI as google, sometimes you might see something there, but very very little. We are moving into a world where you will only see and hear the things THEY believe…

  9. Bob Quidne

    Yeah, it’s scary times. I just know there have been multiple occasions where I have sent the globe earth people simple straightforward information and they were not able to find it on Google. But there was plenty of examples on DuckDuckGo. And I’m sure you’re well aware, that YouTube pulls out videos a lot, if it’s not in goose-step with their beliefs and agendas. What’s going on in the world is very concerning. Meanwhile, I wish you a peaceful evening & a good nights rest. 🌈

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Yes. Google gives different search results on DuckDuckGo to the ones they give on Google. On DuckDuckGo it appears a little less censored. But it is all controlled and censored by google, including all the ‘privacy search engines’ that get their search results from google… Of course YouTube, it is owned by google also, and they only allow videos that say what they want people to hear. And even if you can post a video on YouTube they will not show it to the people who are searching for it if they don’t like it. You may be able to post a flat earth video on YouTube but no one will see it… Even if they search for the exact title of the video, they won’t find it…

      • Bob Quidne

        Hi Flat Earth Facts. Have you ever checked into the massive use of the number 666 that ‘science’ insists on using? Couple of examples. They tell us the earth is at a tilt of 23.4°. Obviously, that leaves 66.6 And very recently they decided to change the speed of earth to 66,600 mph. There are a lot of examples. Some are probably stretching it. Nevertheless, here’s A link. I hope all is well with you.

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