Scientific experiments prove flat earth

Over the years scientists have formulated a number of experiments attempting to prove the earth is moving and measure its movement. So far all such attempts have failed and they have not been able to prove the earth is moving or measure the movement.

Conclusion: While this does not prove the earth is flat it does give a strong indication that the earth is not moving, and as the flat earthers claim the earth is stationary this does support the flat earth model.

Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 16) The experiment known as “Airy’s Failure” proved that the stars move relative to a stationary Earth and not the other way around.
  • 17) “Olber’s Paradox” states that if there were billions of stars which are suns the night sky would be filled completely with light.
  • 18) The Michelson-Morley and Sagnac experiments attempted to measure the change in speed of light due to Earth’s assumed motion through space. After measuring in every possible different direction in various locations they failed to detect any significant change.
  • 140) Foucault’s Pendulums are often quoted as proof of a rotating Earth but upon closer investigation prove the opposite. To begin with, Foucault’s pendulums do not uniformly swing in any one direction. Sometimes they rotate clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much. The behavior of the pendulum actually depends on 1) the initial force beginning its swing and, 2) the ball-and-socket joint used which most-readily facilitates circular motion over any other. The supposed rotation of the Earth is completely inconsequential and irrelevant to the pendulum’s swing. If the alleged constant rotation of the Earth affected pendulums in any way, then there should be no need to manually start pendulums in motion. If the Earth’s diurnal rotation caused the 360 degree uniform diurnal rotation of pendulums, then there should not exist a stationary pendulum anywhere on Earth!
  • 141) The “Coriolis Effect” is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the Northern Hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the Southern Hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way, thus providing proof of the spinning ball-Earth. Once again, however, just like Foucault’s Pendulums spinning either which way, sinks and toilets in the Northern and Southern hemispheres do not consistently spin in any one direction!
  • 187) The second law of thermodynamics, otherwise known as the law of entropy, along with the fundamental principles of friction/resistance determine the impossibility of Earth being a uniformly spinning ball. Over time, the spinning ball Earth would experience measurable amounts of drag constantly slowing the spin and lengthening the amount of hours per day. As not the slightest such change has ever been observed in all of recorded history it is absurd to assume the Earth has ever moved an inch.

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  1. Ted Rozenfelds

    The length of day DID used to be longer. The internal body clock of humans is set to a 25 hour day as an evolutionary leftover of mammals experiencing longer days in the far past.
    Also Foucault’s Pendulum MUST be set in action as it’s mass is already moving with the rotation of the Earth, so a force is required to accelerate or decelerate it relative to the direction of the surface of the earth.
    The Michelson-Morley experiment was done to test for an ‘aether, which it did not find, not for the rotation of the Earth. This is regularly and knowingly misreferred to, so must be put down to intellectual dishonesty by now. Plus no ‘aether’ means shielding a gyroscope won’t prevent it finding the 15 degrees rotation per hour predicted by the globe model, as flat earthers all know by now.

  2. stanton vandance

    Hi there peoples of ,(flat), Earth!
    read your ‘proofs’ of ‘flatness and i have one thought…..Wind!,(blowing kind!) Where does it come from?? where does it Go??
    if this is a flat dirt plate??

    • Gary

      Air in Motion
      The energy that drives wind originates with the sun, which heats the Earth unevenly, creating warm spots and cool spots. Two simple examples of this are sea breezes and land breezes. Sea breezes occur when inland areas heat up on sunny afternoons.

  3. Bhule

    Evidence please for the longer days and default setting for a 25 hour day. Hopefully this evolutionary leftover is not In the immeasurable and imaginary billions of years bracket. Lets work with verifiable within our sphere of comprehension.
    If Foucault pendulum must be set in action and rotate any direction, what is the exact direction is the earth spinning and at what speed if they also vary ?. Are the fired bullets and planes in transit independent of the earth’s motion to experience the so-called coriolisis effect ?. Wouldn’t that be the case with a pendulum or wrecking ball suspended high up in the air ?. Was Felix still in Earth’s motion when he jumped for Red Bull and landed from edge of space back to Mexico. Sounds like its all magical and selective forces that drives this undetectable presumed motion of the otherwise stationery plane. It obviously exists only in the indoctrinated minds that are proficient at regurgitation and free of independent thinking and reasoning.

  4. Steve Vasconcellos


    • John Smith

      So you have a belief, not scientific observations, or facts.

      Where is the science that can test and demonstrate large bodies of water conforming to the exterior of a ball?

      Where is the science that demonstrates passenger airliners flying level all the way around a ball including upsides down?

      Science should be demonstrable, measurable, and repeatable.

      If it cant then it is not science and all you have is a belief.
      YouTube John Smith Globe Lie

  5. Jennifer

    Rockets don’t go straight up precisely because we are on a globe. They are fired around the Earth not straight up into space.
    When you talk about ‘scientific satisfaction’ you prove you know zilch about science. Experiments are not done to make you feel good that you have done something that fits your beliefs. One does an experiment to find out how a certain object or system behaves and then one draws conclusions about reality from the observable facts.
    Rockets are fired into orbit on a weekly basis and any flat-Earther who could be bothered to leave their basement, where they watch non-stop YouTube videos that confirm their biases, could go and observe such a launch firsthand. But, ya know, even then they’ll find some ad hoc explanation of why reality refuses to conform to their fantasies and how the all-pervasive ‘they’ are spending hundreds of millions of dollars per launch just to make us believe the Earth isn’t really flat for ‘reasons’.
    Then again, if you play with the letters N,A,S & A long enough one can rearrange them to sort of spell ‘Satan’ in medieval Swahili, so it must all be true.

    • Jeremy

      Jennifer you’re my spirt animal and I worship the spherical ground you walk on 😉 Long live science and sanity.

      • David Allen Thacker

        I think the question we should all ask ourselves is, “How do any of us really know either way”? None of us have physically seen anything leave the earths atmosphere, none of us has ever been able to prove the earth is flat. It all depends on your own beliefs. I for one and am skeptical both ways. I dont know if the earth is round, Pear shaped, flat, dish shaped or what. I dont have the ability to get in a spaceship and see for myself. All we have is a lying government and medias word. I for one dont believe that is good enough. They could tell the people the sky is purple and most of the people would believe it. Just like they told the world Derek Chauvin Murdered George Floyd. Just about everyone believes that. He died from an overdose of fentanyl. The cop was very Negligent yes, cruel yes. Did he need to put his knee on that mans neck for 9:27? Hell No it was obviously a little overboard, but do i think he wanted to or meant to kill him? No! I don’t. But the world believes it because the media said so. If you were a cop, what would you have done, Just saying…. I think the cop is getting what he deserves, but i do not think murder was on his mind.
        And nobody knows what shape the earth is. Only those in the “Know” Know

    • Mel Doomis

      Wow this comment is moronic! Earth is concave and Rockets are fired around the Erath because its the only place they have to go. lol No rockets are actually observed leaving the Earth. Just flying out to sea. Millions of dollars? They get it free everyday lol

    • gSpeaks

      Psst. Just like NO ONE can find ANY planetary motion… SO TOO… NO ONE can actually SHOW US the CURVATURE.

      There is an interesting video on YT between FLAT EARTHers and Sphereoids, where they take AN INFLATABLE CANOE out on the Salton Sea to the 3 mile mark.

      The INFLATABLE CANOE refuses to sail over the horizon… which is weird can the Sphereoid model has a declination of 6 feet at 3 miles.

      Bad CANOE!

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