North and South Hemispheres not Symetrical?

The geometry of a globe and a flat plane are quite different. If we live on a globe we expect to find two symmetrical halves, one in the north and the other in the south. If the earth is a flat plane with the north pole in the center and Antarctica as a ring around the circumference and the equator a circle dividing the central and outer portions then the central portion [northern hemisphere] would be quite different to the outer portion [southern hemisphere].

So flat earthers attempt to show distances in the south covering the same degree of latitude as comparable latitudes in the north are greater.

Any hint that the earth is not symmetrical is taken as proof that the earth is flat.

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  1. Vincent Van Over

    What about the Stars?
    When I was in Brazil, there were MANY more Stars visible AND different Stars.
    How could that be explained with a flat earth?

    • madhudvisa

      I am in Australia. So for my whole life I am seeing the Southern Stars. So many elements of the flat earth model fail in the Southern Hemisphere. We have a southern celestial pole which the stars rotate around in the south, the opposite way the stars rotate around the Polestar in the north. This is consistent with what you would expect to see on a rotating globe, not what you would expect to see on a flat earth. And I went down to the Southern most tip of South America last Christmas, the middle of summer down there. And saw the sun going around me 360 degrees. Where I was it did set for a few hours in the south. But it set in the south and just went down and disappeared for a few hours and came up again, still in the south a bit further along the horizon as you would expect. And then the sun went all the way around, 360 degrees. I have a video of this I will post soon. So this also is what you would expect to see on a globe, it would be impossible on a flat earth with Antarctica around the edges…

  2. Steve

    As madhudvisa states…. There is a group of stars that indicate the south pole, like the north star. Ships, before GPS, used the north pole to navigate in the northern hemisphere. While in the southern hemisphere they used the southern cross as navigation.

    If the world was a disc as put forward by the flat earthers then navigation would be by the north star only. The southern cross would be meaningless. In fact it could not be a group of stars that indicate anything except the edge of the disc (pointless). There would literally be no south pole as it would be the edge of the disc. So navigation by southern stars would have to be different for every southern hemisphere place to sail toward. And one could find the southern cross and travel east or west on a given parallel and have the southern cross fall below the horizon behind the ship.

    Where navigation in the southern hemisphere (on this planet, being a sphere) if one chose to leave the south tip of south America, he may choose to go west. He would travel westward and night after night check that the southern cross is staying consistently to the left of the ship. If it began to fall behind, as it most certainly would on the flat earth, that would mean he has turned north and is no longer going west.

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