No Midnight Sun in Antarctica proves flat earth

According to the flat earth map Antarctica is a ring surrounding the flat earth and the sun  is revolving above the flat earth but inside the circle. So, on a flat earth, viewed from Antarctica, or any point south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun can only ever appear to the North.

Flat earthers accept the midnight sun, where the sun appears above the horizon for days on end, which occurs in northerly regions as the sun rotates around the Tropic of Cancer. They also accept the long night that occurs in Antarctica at the same time but they argue that this midnight sun phenomenon can not occur in the southern regions and Antarctica.

This is completely incorrect. I have personally traveled to the southernmost part of South America during the longest day of the year and have seen with my eyes the sun rotating around in the sky almost 300 degrees. At that location, 54 degrees south, the sun still sets for a few hours. But it sets in the south and rises again also in the south and makes it journey around the sky to the north and back into the south to set again. This behavior of the sun can be observed by anyone south of the Tropic of Capricorn and it absolutely proves the flat earth map is incorrect.

There is no need to travel all the way to Antarctica to refute or confirm this. Even at 54 degrees south you can very clearly see the sun in the sky and you can also see the where the sun is when it is below the horizon during the long twilight period after it sets and before it rises. That only leaves about three hours when it is dark. And then the the sun rises again on the southerly side a little east from where it set a few hours before.

I will discuss my personal experience with this in another post.

Conclusion: Flat earthers are incorrect. The midnight sun phenomenon does occur in Antarctica in the same way as it does in the Northern regions. This proves the flat earth map is incorrect and is what we would expect to occur if the earth was a globe.


Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 56) The “Midnight Sun” is an Arctic phenomenon occurring annually during the summer solstice where for several days straight an observer significantly far enough north can watch the Sun traveling circles over-head, rising and falling in the sky throughout the day, but never fully setting for upwards of 72+ hours! If the Earth were actually a spinning globe revolving around the Sun, the only place such a phenomenon as the Midnight Sun could be observed would be at the poles. Any other vantage point from 89 degrees latitude downwards could never, regardless of any tilt or inclination, see the Sun for 24 hours straight. To see the Sun for an entire revolution on a spinning globe at a point other than the poles, you would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution!
  • 57) The establishment claims the Midnight Sun IS experienced in Antarctica but they conveniently do not have any uncut videos showing this, nor do they allow independent explorers to travel to Antarctica during the winter solstice to verify or refute these claims. Conversely, there are dozens of uncut videos publicly available showing the Arctic Midnight Sun and it has been verified beyond any shadow of a doubt.
  • 58) The Royal Belgian Geographical Society in their “Expedition Antarctique Belge,” recorded that during the most severe part of the Antarctic winter, from 71 degrees South latitude onwards, the sun sets on May 17th and is not seen above the horizon again until July 21st! This is completely at odds with the ball-Earth theory, but easily explained by the flat-Earth model. The Midnight Sun is seen from high altitudes in extreme Northern latitudes during Arctic summer because the Sun, at its inner-most cycle, is circling tightly enough around the polar center that it remains visible above the horizon for someone at such a vantage point. Likewise, in extreme Southern latitudes during Arctic summer, the Sun completely disappears from view for over 2 months because there at the Northern Tropic, at the inner-most arc of its boomerang journey, the Sun is circling the Northern center too tightly to be seen from the Southern circumference.

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