Magic Gravity on a Globe Earth

Gravity is the magic glue that holds the ball earth theory together. Whenever there is any question as to how it works the answer from the scientists is almost invariably “gravity”.

Science informs us: “Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another, including objects ranging from atoms and photons, to planets and stars.

“Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces of physics, still it is the dominant force, and is the cause of the formation, shape and orbit of astronomical bodies. For example, gravity causes the Earth and the other planets to orbit the Sun, it also causes the Moon to orbit the Earth, and causes the formation of tides, the formation and evolution of the Solar System, stars and galaxies.”

In other words, everything that we don’t understand is done automatically and magically by gravity…

Somehow gravity magically and inexplicably drags the entire lower-atmosphere of the Earth in perfect synchronization up to some undetermined height where this progressively faster spinning atmosphere gives way to the non-spinning, non-gravitized, non-atmosphere of infinite vacuum.

Flat earthers say that if this was the case fireworks and rain would behave differently than what we experience. This is perhaps an incorrect assumption as if, in theory, the whole atmosphere and everything in it could spin with the earth at a constant speed gravity could attract the rain, fireworks, etc, to the center of the globe earth.

They question how the atmosphere can exist right next to the void of space and what is stopping the atmosphere from being sucked out into space. If we ask the scientists I am sure they will answer, “Obviously it is gravity…” But this is not a very satisfying or convincing answer.

Flat earthers are also skeptical that gravity can keep all the water in the oceans stuck to the surface of the planet while it is spinning and wobbling its way through the universe. They show the example of putting a wet tennis ball on a drill and spin it and we see the water does not stick to the tennis ball, on the contrary, it flies out everywhere. Of course the answer from science is simply “the oceans are held in their place on the surface of the globe by gravity.” So the natural question would be that if gravity is so strongly holding the oceans in place why does gravity allow little birds, bugs and planes to take of and travel freely in any direction they choose?

Gravity does not exist

Flat earthers contend that gravity does not exist and what when we experience objects falling it is not caused by gravity but rather the simple fact that more dense objects will fall in a less dense atmosphere. Which is exactly what we see happening. If we drop something more dense than air it will fall, but if we drop a helium filled balloon, lighter than air, it will not fall, gravity has no effect on it, instead it will rise up. Also gravity does not have any effect in the water for items that are less dense than water. So flat earthers contend we are seeing density, not gravity acting in these cases.

Gravity has never been proven

Flat earthers contend that although the concept of gravity is based on the theory that all things with mass gravitate or are attracted together we have never seen this. It has never been proven. Scientists say we can’t prove it on earth because earth is so heavy that the gravitational pull of the earth will make it impossible for us to test the theory…

Conclusion: Gravity is certainly a magical mystery and much more research is needed in this area. The flat earthers are raising very interesting questions in this regard.


Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 23) Ball-believers often claim “gravity” magically and inexplicably drags the entire lower-atmosphere of the Earth in perfect synchronization up to some undetermined height where this progressively faster spinning atmosphere gives way to the non-spinning, non-gravitized, non-atmosphere of infinite vacuum space. Such non-sensical theories are debunked, however, by rain, fireworks, birds, bugs, clouds, smoke, planes and projectiles all of which would behave very differently if both the ball-Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning Eastwards at 1000mph.
  • 157) If “gravity” magically dragged the atmosphere along with the spinning ball Earth, that would mean the atmosphere near the equator would be spinning around at over 1000mph, the atmosphere over the mid-latitudes would be spinning around 500mph, and gradually slower down to the poles where the atmosphere would be unaffected at 0mph. In reality, however, the atmosphere at every point on Earth is equally unaffected by this alleged force, as it has never been measured or calculated and proven non-existent by the ability of airplanes to fly unabated in any direction without experiencing any such atmospheric changes.
  • 158) If “gravity” magically dragged the atmosphere along with the spinning ball Earth, that would mean the higher the altitude, the faster the spinning atmosphere would have to be turning around the center of rotation. In reality, however, if this were happening then rain and fireworks would behave entirely differently as they fell down through progressively slower and slower spinning atmosphere. Hot-air balloons would also be forced steadily faster Eastwards as they ascended through the ever increasing atmospheric speeds.
  • 159) If there were progressively faster and faster spinning atmosphere the higher the altitude that would mean it would have to abruptly end at some key altitude where the fastest layer of gravitized spinning atmosphere meets the supposed non-gravitized non-spinning non-atmosphere of infinite vacuum space! NASA has never mentioned what altitude this impossible feat allegedly happens, but it is easily philosophically refuted by the simple fact that vacuums cannot exist connected to non-vacuums while maintaining the properties of a vacuum – not to mention, the effect such a transition would have on a rocket “space ship” would be disastrous.
  • 32) If “gravity” is credited with being a force strong enough to hold the world’s oceans, buildings, people and atmosphere stuck to the surface of a rapidly spinning ball, then it is impossible for “gravity” to also simultaneously be weak enough to allow little birds, bugs, and planes to take-off and travel freely unabated in any direction.
  • 33) If “gravity” is credited with being a force strong enough to curve the massive expanse of oceans around a globular Earth, it would be impossible for fish and other creatures to swim through such forcefully held water.
  • 195) Astronomers say the magical magnetism of gravity is what keeps all the oceans of the world stuck to the ball-Earth. They claim that because the Earth is so massive, by virtue of this mass it creates a magic force able to hold people, oceans and atmosphere tightly clung to the underside of the spinning ball. Unfortunately, however, they cannot provide any practical example of this on a scale smaller than the planetary. A spinning wet tennis ball, for instance, has the exact opposite effect of the supposed ball-Earth! Any water poured over it simply falls off the sides, and giving it a spin results in water flying off 360 degrees like a dog shaking after a bath. Astronomers concede the wet tennis ball example displays the opposite effect of their supposed ball-Earth, but claim that at some unknown mass, the magic adhesive properties of gravity suddenly kick in allowing the spinning wet tennis ball-Earth to keep every drop of “gravitized” water stuck to the surface. When such an unproven theory goes against all experiments, experience and common sense, it is high time to drop the theory.
  • 115) The existing laws of density and buoyancy perfectly explained the physics of falling objects long before knighted Freemason “Sir” Isaac Newton bestowed his theory of “gravity” upon the world. It is a fact that objects placed in denser mediums rise up while objects placed in less dense mediums sink down. To fit with the heliocentric model which has no up or down, Newton instead claimed objects are attracted to large masses and fall towards the center. Not a single experiment in history, however, has shown an object massive enough to, by virtue of its mass alone, cause other smaller masses to be attracted to it as Newton claims “gravity” does with Earth, the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets.
  • 116) There has also never been a single experiment in history showing an object massive enough to, by virtue of its mass alone, cause another smaller mass to orbit around it. The magic theory of gravity allows for oceans, buildings and people to remain forever stuck to the underside of a spinning ball while simultaneously causing objects like the Moon and satellites to remain locked in perpetual circular orbits around the Earth. If these were both true then people should be able to jump up and start orbiting circles around the Earth, or the Moon should have long ago been sucked into the Earth. Neither of these theories have ever been experimentally verified and their alleged results are mutually exclusive.
  • 117) Newton also theorized and it is now commonly taught that the Earth’s ocean tides are caused by gravitational lunar attraction. If the Moon is only 2,160 miles in diameter and the Earth 8,000 miles, however, using their own math and “law,” it follows that the Earth is 87 times more massive and therefore the larger object should attract the smaller to it, and not the other way around. If the Earth’s greater gravity is what keeps the Moon in orbit, it is impossible for the Moon’s lesser gravity to supersede the Earth’s gravity, especially at Earth’s sea-level, where its gravitational attraction would even further out-trump the Moon’s. And if the Moon’s gravity truly did supersede the Earth’s causing the tides to be drawn towards it, there should be nothing to stop them from continuing onwards and upwards towards their great attractor.
  • 118) Furthermore, the velocity and path of the Moon are uniform and should therefore exert a uniform influence on the Earth’s tides, when in actuality the Earth’s tides vary greatly and do not follow the Moon. Earth’s lakes, ponds, marshes and other inland bodies of water also inexplicably remain forever outside the Moon’s gravitational grasp! If “gravity” was truly drawing Earth’s oceans up to it, all lakes, ponds and other bodies of standing water should certainly have tides as well.

3 Replies to “Magic Gravity on a Globe Earth”

  1. TEvn nguyE

    My dude, that picture you put in isn’t helping you (at least i n my opinion). Gravity pulls the ocean down, or should i say, gravity keeps the ocean down because the ocean does not exert any force against gravity besides the molecules moving into openings( like all liquids do). The bird can fly because it is exerting force against gravity. I’m a seventh grader, if some kid can do this, then I’m pretty sure you (the person who created the picture and who ever supports the message of the picture) can.

    • madhudvisa

      Hi Tevn

      You say gravity keeps the ocean down, and you imply that the ocean does not exert any force on gravity. That is incorrect. If you take a tennis ball and wet it and put it on the end of a drill and spin it around the water will not stay on the tennis ball. It will spread out due to centrifugal force. So if you have a ball spinning in the sky and try and put water on it the water will not stay, it will spin off due to centrifugal force. So if gravity is keeping the ocean down, as you say it is, and as we have to believe it is, if we are on a spinning ball. But there is a force which gravity has to fight against to keep the ocean down. The oceans will spin off the spinning earth due to centrifugal force, if they are not held down by gravity. So if you make a calculation of how much water is in the ocean and work out how heavy all the water in the ocean is you will start to understand what an immense force gravity has to exert on the oceans to keep them from spinning off into space. Then, I think, once you understand this, you will be able to appreciate the picture better.

      How can gravity exert such a strong force on the oceans, keeping them from spinning off into space, as we would expect them do to on a spinning ball. And at the same time allow a bird to effortlessly fly in the sky? There is a great contradiction here.

      The other problem is there does not really appear to be any force of gravity at all. Really what appears to be happening is caused by density. You know I am sure air is not very dense. So if you hold in your hand an object and let go it will fall to the ground. We have been taught it is falling to the ground because of gravity, and if there was no gravity it would just remain where it was when you let go of it…

      But actually the thing falls to the ground because it is more dense than the air. So if you put a more dense object in a less dense medium the more dense object will fall. If, on the other hand, you get a balloon and fill it with helium, a gas that is less dense, lighter, than the air, and you let go of that it will not fall to the ground, gravity will have no effect on your helium balloon, it will float up into the sky…

      So this falling down and rising up is caused by density, not gravity. We fall down towards the ground because we are more dense than the air, but if we, like the helium balloon, were less dense than the air, we would float up into the sky. So there is no gravity. It is density.

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