Flat Earth: Planets don’t exist?

Flat earthers say planets are not globes, they are created by NASA with CGI. Planets are just lights in the sky.

As Above, so Below

One of the proofs given by the globe earthers is “as above, so below.” They look up into the sky and see the moon, the sun and the planets are all globes. So it is a reasonable supposition that the earth planet we are standing on my be something like the globes we see floating in the sky above us. Of course it may also be that what we are standing on is completely different from what we see floating above our heads in the sky.

Flat Earthers Hate Globes

Flat earthers, on the other hand, tend to be totally against globes, anywhere. They generally say the moon is not a globe, the planets are not globes, they even go so far as to say that NASA has invented the planets and they are just CGI. They hate globes. They don’t want to see globes anywhere in the universe.

Planets are an invention of NASA…

According to flat earthers that we can not see the planets as they are depicted by NASA, they are just lights in the sky, not globes, etc, etc. The beautiful planets NASA shows us are just creations of their computer graphics animations.

We can all see the Planets ourselves with a Decent Telescope

Of course any of us who have actually looked at the planets through a decent telescope can verify that they are most certainly globes and they do clearly have the features NASA depicts in their images. It is not at all difficult to get quite clear images of the planets in a telescope and confirm they are globes. At least they appear to be globes and that would be the most obvious conclusion to draw. Of course NASA has made images of the planets which are much clearer and more detailed than what we can see in a telescope, and perhaps they have done this with CGI, but the NASA images are based on real photographs of the real planets.

I will get out my telescope and take some pictures of the planets and post them here later.

Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 119) …When looked at with an unprejudiced naked-eye or through a telescope, the fixed and wandering stars appear as luminous discs of light, NOT spherical terra firma. The pictures and videos shown by NASA of spherical terra firma planets are all clearly fake computer-generated images, and NOT photographs…
  • 120) The etymology of the word “planet” actually comes from late Old English planete, from Old French planete (Modern French planète), from Latin planeta, from Greek planetes, from (asteres) planetai “wandering (stars),” from planasthai “to wander,” of unknown origin, possibly from PIE *pele “flat, to spread” or notion of “spread out.” And Plane (n) “flat surface,” c. 1600, from Latin planum “flat surface, plane, level, plain,” planus “flat, level, even, plain, clear.” They just added a “t” to our Earth plane and everyone bought it.

4 Replies to “Flat Earth: Planets don’t exist?”

  1. Chainlink700rt

    Ahhhh, ok, how about this, flat earth only exists here where you stand.
    Me, I prefer the globe that I have seen with my own eyes from orbit.
    It consists of a fuzzy whitish dark blue, sometimes grey near storms, and the earth is very large compared too us.
    Out in the distance is all the same, and the sun is the most spectacular view you could ever imagine. Another fact all the people on earth can fit into the state of Delaware, give or take a 1000 miles or two.

  2. the earth isn’t flat

    if they are then are all stars small then eh?
    have you ever looked into a telescope that would let you see the other planets?

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