Sattelite Dish Angles Prove Flat Earth?

Communications satellites are geostationary. It means they are located directly above the equator about 22,000 miles high. Because they rotate with the earth they remain apparently fixed over a particular place on the equator.

So to communicate with a particular satellite you need to aim your parabolic antenna at it. So you have to point your antenna exactly in the direction of the satellite.

This means we have a fixed point in the sky that we can aim at and confirm that our aim is correct from multiple different locations on the earth. So with a little trigonometry it should be possible to determine the shape of the earth using this data.


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  1. On the level

    You have not established that in point of fact geostationary space satellites exist. However, it appears to me abundant evidence exists of Luna ( balloon ) satellites.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Geostationary satellites work. So there must be an explanation for this. You can point your antenna at the fixed location in the sky where the geostationary satellite is from anywhere on the planet where it is visible in the sky. And you can send and receive signals from it.

      So there are two possibilities:

      1. They have put a sattelite up there in geostationary orbit, 20,000 miles or whatever it is up in the sky.
      2. There is something up there naturally that acts as a reflector of radio waves and they have simply discovered and are taking advantage of this natural occurrence.

      • On the level

        The ionosphere or layer reflects radio waves back to Earth. Satellites are not required to transmit radio frequencies anywhere on Earth.

        The moon has even been used to bounce back higher frequency radio transmissions.

        Extreme High altitude stationary Luna satellites can reflect, transmit and/or relay radio transmissions. That is what they were intended to do when designed back in the 1960’s with the emerging growth of televisi oN and increasing radio traffic.

        Nevertheless, 99 percent of International electronic communications remains by undersea cable!

        Have a Great day!

        • Flat Earth Facts

          Yes. These days 99% of all international communications travel on fiberoptic undersea cables. But that is not because satellites don’t work. It is because the fiberoptic cables work much, much, much better. Problem with sattelites is they are far far away so there is a long delay sending all the way up to the satellite [at the speed of light] and then back down to the receiver. This delay can be seconds long. So it is very inconvenient. And the bandwidth of a satellite is nothing compared to a fiberoptic cable.

          But satellites most certainly work. There are 2 types. Low earth orbit and geosynchronous. We know for sure that the low earth satellites are up there. You can see many of them even with the naked eye and certainly with a telescope, and you can monitor the radio transmissions from them. First satellite was sputnik, put up by the Russians, and radio operators all over the world could pick up the signal from the sputnik satellite as it passed above them. So it is just insane to say satellites don’t exist. It just shows people who say this are very ignorant of the facts.

          However, geosynchronous satellites. They are the TV satellites, the communication satellites, they stay in the exact same spot in the sky permanently. And they work for sure. You can point an antenna from any place on the earth where that point in the sky where the satellite is visible and transmit to it or receive from it.

          So there is either a satellite there or as you hint at, some sort of natural property of that area of space that acts as a reflector of radio waves.

          And I admit there is some reason for suspecting that there may be something wrong with what they tell us about geosynchronous satellites. Because we don’t generally get any pictures from them. If they had all these satellites up there so far away with a full view of the globe they should be giving us beautiful 8MP super high-def images of the globe for all angles of vision in realtime. That would be great, but, at least so far, what we get is very disappointing. What we get is composite images pasted together from the strips of images they get from their low-earth orbit satellites, which are most certainly there, and which they are most certainly getting imagery from them.

          • On the Level

            Another point you may consider, NASA’s claims as to their accomplishments seems dubious at best. They claim the space station is some 240 miles out into space but the space shuttles supposedly used to build it are designed with flight ceilings of some 85 miles if I remember correctly and no video exists of the supposed space station being built. However, I’m told if you point a telescope at the right time toward the moon you can see what appears to be the space station pass in front of it. Probably, just a high altitude luna satellite or drone!

            Have a great day!

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Yes. NASA’s most dubious claims are that they put men on the moon in the 1960’s and 1970’s and they stayed up on the moon for up to a week playing golf and driving around in their rover, etc. This is most definitely a lie. As far as the space station, that is something they could have done for sure. It is only a couple of hundred miles up, compared to the moon’s quarter of a million miles. And yes. You can see it. When the space station comes above our heads you can see it with a telescope, even with the naked eye sometimes. So there is certainly something up there. And certainly there was so much tedious television coverage of them building the space station. It is very dangerous up there, however, and I think NASA choose to have their astronauts appear on the space station from Earth using CGI at least a lot of the time these days.

            But I am fairly confident the space station is there, more-or-less as they say it is, however they may well use CGI to fake some of their broadcasts from the space station.

            Space station is certainly not a lunar satellite.. It is an earth satellite!!!! You think they’re going to go a quarter of a million miles and put a satellite around the moon to fake a satellite around the earth???

          • On the level

            Not quite, in my opinion NASA never went to the moon. The moon is not 234 thousand miles away. NASA simply shoots up a few rockets that like Kim Jung Il’s missiles simply land in the water. That’s why launch pads are near the water. Cape Canavaral proved the best Location for the scam. The same NASA that couldn’t operate their lunar landers on Earth did not flawlessly operate them a quarter million miles away on the moon six times flawlessly. Thomas Ronald Baron, Chuck Grissom and others paid a heavy price for pointing out NASA’s failings.

            If you haven’t seen it already you may want to view Bart Sibrel’ video, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.”:


            Btw, I should have been Clearer in my previous posts. I referred to “Luna” satellites not “Lunar” satellites. In the 1960’s and later the US embarked on a program to send up what was called satellites that actually hung from High altitude balloons and were used to relay radio information for radio and TV. For some reason I thought it was called project Luna, but I was mistaken. Back then they had Echo 1 and other such satellites. In my view, all satellites are simply devices slung from high altItude balloons. Orbiting satellites do not exist because the Earth is simply flat. More recent balloon satellite projects are Bluestar and Project Loon which is an entire network of balloon satellites for communications.

            If you look into it you’ll find information about balloon satellites despite NASA’s enormous propaganda budget. Dan Petit at NASA admitted they cannot get beyond low earth orbit, amazing when you consider they supposedly landed on the moon multiple times. Of course, NASA also now admits they destroyed all the telemetry data for the moon landings, apparently maintaining such data for posterity proved too expensive. Too expensive to hire a capable IT crew to maintain such seemingly important information for the world, but untold billions to fund cgi propaganda for the masses. NASA priorities are definitely not mine.

    • Tim Andrews

      “However, it appears to me abundant evidence exists of Luna ( balloon ) satellites.”

      Balloons do exist, and tracking a transmitter on a balloon with directional antennas also shows that they drift with the weather, they do not stay in a fixed location like geostationary satellites.

      • On The Level

        Hi Tim,

        What people call “weather” only exists in the troposlayer, not the stratosphere layer and above.

        Many LTA,s, and other high altitude platforms can hold a fixed geostationary position quite easily with much greater control, lower cost ( fraction of the cost ) and long service life compared to supposed satellites. You need to research.

    • On the level

      Hi Nobody,

      Thank you for a wonderful video providing further evidence of a level Earth. The laser tests seemed well done and drove home their point effectively. Their reckoning regarding atmospheric lensing was well presented. You should also note that light spreads from lower density environments/mediums to higher density ones, which further explains why the sun appears to descend toward the horizon, rather than remain elevated. In addition, light is known to travel a finite range like other radiating frequencies such as radio. This phenomenon helps explain why the earth appears rounded at the visible edge, which is only the range termination of sunlight.

      Please visit the website below. They have many videos illustrating the points made above and many others.

      Thanks again and take care.

  2. Sean Scott

    I installed satellites for 10 years and not one time did I ever have to point my satellite dish at a different direction it was always the same exact spot in the sky now if we live on a ball with satellites hovering around and Dish Network only has one satellite how in the fuck do we never lose signal and how can I I aim at the very same spot of the sky no matter what time of the day no matter what time of the year and hit the same exact fucking satellite because it’s not a satellite it’s a fucking frequency and if it is a satellite it’s an antenna that’s hung with fucking balloons NASA is the number one consumer of helium did you know that NASA spend 55 million dollars a day did you know that boy you could make up a pretty big lie with that kind of money.

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