Missing GPS Data Proves Flat Earth?

Every day thousands of passengers are traveling to and from destinations in the Southern Hemisphere and reaching their destinations successfully. These flights would not be possible on the flat earth map so flat earthers try very hard to prove they do not exist.

Southern Flights DO Exist

I have personally recently flown from New Zealand to Auckland in a little over eleven hours. To do this on the flat earth map one would need to travel at more than twice the speed of sound for the entire journey. We were obviously not doing this. There is a loud explosion, a sonic boom which occurs when the plane breaks the sound barrier, starts traveling at more than the speed of sound, so this sonic boom can not be hidden.

Flat Earthers don’t understand how Flight Tracking Websites work.

Flat earthers claim that because GPS data is missing from online flight tracking services in many cases for these flights in the Southern Hemisphere it is an indication of some cheating. The GPS data is being hidden, they say, to cover up the fact that the flight is actually not traveling directly because it would not be possible on their flat earth map.

This is again an example of flat earthers not knowing how things work.

How Flight Tracking Websites Work

The GPS tracking information displayed on these websites which track the location of the airplanes is not coming from the GPS system. GPS is a system of transmitters only. These transmitters are mounted on low earth orbit satellites. The GPS satellites and the GPS receivers all have very accurate clocks which are exactly synchronized. The GPS satellite transmits a radio signal that contains its exact location and the exact time of the transmission. The GPS receiver receives the signal, reads the timecode and location in the message and subtracts the time in the message from the current time and gets the exact time it took for the message to travel from the GPS satellite to the GPS receiver. So knowing the position of the satellite and the time it took for the message to be received after transmission it can calculate the exact distance from that GPS satellite’s location to the GPS receiver. So the receiver keeps on doing this with multiple GPS satellites until it has enough points to reliably triangulate its location.

So there is no transmission of any data to the GPS satellites. GPS satellites only transmit and all they transmit is their location and the exact time. So the GPS system does not know the location of anything at all.

So these websites are not getting the location of the planes from the GPS system. The GPS receivers in the planes are calculating their location based on the signals they receive from the GPS satellites. The GPS system and the GPS satellites have no idea at all where any of the airplanes are. Only the GPS receiver in the plane is able to calculate where it is. And all airplanes are required to transmit by radio their location and identity in a standard format which is used by radar systems to identify the blips on the radar screens as specific airplanes.

So the only way these websites can know the location of a particular airplane is by being connected to a radio receiver that can pick up the transmission of this location and identification radio signal being constantly broadcast by the airplane. In the Northern Hemisphere there is land nearby almost all the flight routes so people, government authorities, anyone at all actually, can set up a radio receiver and monitor the channels which the airplanes are transmitting their identification and GPS coordinates on and they share this information on the internet and that is the way these GPS flight tracking websites get the location data of the planes they track. For them to get the data there has to be a radio receiver near enough to the airplane which is on their network that can pick up the radio signal from the plane and post the identity and GPS coordinates of that plane onto their network. But in the Southern Hemisphere these flights are all traveling over the ocean from almost 100% of the flight. There is nothing but ocean below and no possibility of anyone setting up a radio receiver in the middle of the ocean to pick up the GPS and location information from the plane and post it on the internet.

So this is the reason the GPS tracking data is missing for most of the Southern flights. There are no radio receivers in the middle of the ocean to pick it up.

So the missing data is not a conspiracy or an attempt to hide the actual flight path, it is just that there are no radio receivers in the middle of the ocean to pick up that data and post it on the internet.

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  1. Adam

    Great write-up! That was a very succinct explanation of the systems involved. Are airlines considering equipping each plane with a satellite transmission of each plane’s location to remove the void spots?

    • madhudvisa

      Hi Adam

      The airplanes already have a system that transmits their location and also all sorts of other telemetry on how the various systems of the plane are working to satellites. I don’t know a lot about it but from what I have gathered this is a commercial system and they send the information to, for example, the manufacturers of the engines, so they can monitor how the engines are performing, etc.

      So the airplanes are also transmitting their GPS coordinates to this satellite system, but it is not publicly available.

      All the planes are also transmitting their identification and coordinates on a public system that is originally designed to enable radar to identify the blip on the screen with an actual airplane and flight number. So the transmission of this information is designed to be in the range of the radar, which also I am not sure, but it is like 100 miles or a couple of hundred miles.

      So it seems the satellite transmission of the location of the planes is already happening, but that data does not seem to be available to the operators of these airplane tracking websites.

  2. realscience,notreligionsciencelikeyallglobers

    ive never met a flat earther who actually believed these flights dont exist or tried to prove it. the only people ive met like that are like that are the fake ass flat earthers from govt ran eric dubay shit internet site. NEVER in real life. and i go to flat earth conventions.

    also, never met a flat earther that thought earth was a circle. gleason disk is flight map, not earth map.

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