Airplane pilots don’t adjust course for the curve

If the Earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as to not fly straight off into outer space.

This is a mistake, it is not a proof the earth is flat. Airline pilots have an altimeter which they use to keep the plane at a fixed altitude [distance from the earth] and also they aim at the horizon. So if the earth is a globe and you keep your airplane at a fixed distance from the earth then automatically you are correcting your course to remain at a fixed distance from the earth, in other words you are going around the curve of the earth. Also by aiming at the horizon that will cause you to constantly follow the curve of the earth.

So airline pilots already have two perfectly good systems in place that ensure they will follow the curve of the earth if it is a globe and these systems will work equally well to enable them to stay a fixed distance from a flat plane if the earth is flat.

The conclusion is airline pilots do adjust for the curve, if it exists, so this does not prove or disprove the flat earth or the globe earth.


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  1. Kevin McMillen

    I wrote this to Dubay about his 2777ft drop per minute claim.

    The problem is that you’re not doing the correct math equation.You’re taking the drop in 500 miles, 166,667ft and dividing by 60 minutes, or total flight time, to get the correct but ridiculous number of 2,777ft per minute drop.

    To simplify, use 600 miles per hour, divide by 60 minutes means you’re flying 10 miles per minute, 10x10x8/12=67ft roughly. So, which is it? Is the plane dropping 2,777ft per minute or 67ft per minute? Neither.

    If the plane is flying 10 miles per minute that means it’s going 1 mile in 6 seconds. Is an 8 inch drop in 6 seconds the correct answer? That’s really not much of a drop but that’s still not correct.

    A 747 is about 250ft in length. 250ft/5280=.0473 of a mile. The plane is .0473 of a mile long.

    .0473x.0473×8=.017 of an inch. In the planes length the earth drops .017 of an inch. That’s just a little over 1/64th of an inch.

    Theoretically an airplane could maintain a flight altitude just a little over 1/64th of an inch out of level and circumnavigate the entire globe.

    I say theoretically because there are so many forces involved the plane’s computer or the pilot are always making corrections.

    Hopefully facts will prevail in this silly flat earth craze!

    Kevin McMillen

    • madhudvisa

      Hi Keven

      Yes. This whole idea that if the earth was a globe planes would fly off into space because they are not putting their nose down is ridiculous.

      In the olden days the pilot was always aiming at the horizon, that would automatically correct for the globe, and he was keeping at a fixed height above the earth with his altimeter. So he was constantly correcting for the globe by constantly aiming at the horizon and keeping the plane at a constant height above the ground. So now the computers are doing the same thing. Constantly correcting.

      So it is just a crazy idea. There’s no need to do the maths actually. Because either of these things would automatically correct for the globe. If you stay at a constant height above the surface of the earth then no matter what shape the earth is you will follow that shape. And if you point at the horizon also that will keep you following the contour of the earth below you. No matter what shape it is…

      • Lee

        WOW. Both of you are in dire need of schooling. Please show us the scientific proof of curvature. You can’t because there is none. This is out to universities all over.
        A CHALLENGE TO PROFESSORS, SCIENTISTS, PHYSICIST’S and generally delusional globe believers…
        Photograph and photoshop are 2 different things.
        The 1st is real, the 2nd is Computer generated.
        NASA utilizes 100% CGI for ALL of their published images as do ALL other space agencies so please don’t waste time with using this as proof or ANY other military or deceptively claimed to be private agency as follows…
        China National Space Administration (CNSA)
        European Space Agency (ESA)
        Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)
        Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
        Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
        German Aerospace Center (DLR)
        Italian Space Agency (ASI)
        National Centre for Space Studies (France)
        Canadian Space Agency
        Further, Images taken with a fisheye lens ARE NOT PROOF OF ANYTHING AND WON’T BE CONSIDERED.
        I will gladly debate AFTER scientific proof of a spinning ball earth. My qualifications, (or lack thereof)…
        I’ve worked briefly as a college professor and have over 2 years of research on the topic of Cosmology. I work as an advanced robotic systems programmer/analyst with a background in computer science with emphasis on automotive assembly line controls engineering and throughput enhancement. I’ve installed entire assembly lines for G.M., Ford, Diamler-Chrysler, NIssan, Toyota, and Auto-Alliance/Mazda and have worked under employ of G.M Cadillac and Diamler as Systems Analyst
        1st, I require prior to debate 100% scientific proof of the following…
        1. Curvature of the earth at 8 inches per mile SQUARED as specified in the Pythagoras Theorem, (To date has NEVER been done.)
        2. Proof of the earths motion as proven to be false in the advanced Michelson-Morley experiment.
        3. (optional) Proof of Einsteins theory of E=Mc2 which was originally designed to prove the Heliocentric model.
        If you truly believe in your education and can backup your cosmology/physics and astronomy I’m Here for you to completely humiliate! Just the think of the fun you’ll have making me look like a total IMBECILE??, AND HOW COOL YOU’LL LOOK TO YOUR PEERS????

        • Rob Ross

          Lee, maybe you can prove through scientific facts how the earth is flat?
          As far as an answer to your question, the reason we know the earth is round is:
          At a very basic level, we can see the Earth’s curvature through satellites that have been launched into space. Additionally, through the use of high-powered telescopes, it is possible to examine planets both in our solar system and beyond, and all of them are spherical in shape.

          There is a very deep, fundamental reason why the Earth is round: the force of gravity depends upon the distance between two interacting objects, and the only three-dimensional object you can make with a single distance is a sphere. We can measure the behavior of gravity in the laboratory with a variety of highly sensitive experiments. Each of these experiments shows that the force of gravity depends only on the mass of the two objects and the distance between them. If, on the other hand, you wanted to form a flattened object using gravity alone, the force of gravity would have to depend upon two, perpendicular distances in two perpendicular directions.

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Hi Rob

            Yes. You have given two of the basic ‘proofs’ that the earth is a globe.

            • Photos from space
            • As above so below

            That is good if you believe in the photos from space. I must note that from a couple of hundred miles up [low earth orbit satellites, space station, etc, you can not see the curve of the earth.] If you take a ball and scale it to the 8,000 mile diameter of the earth and come up a couple of hundred miles you will see that is not sufficient to tell if the earth is flat or a globe. But you could see the whole globe from satellites in geosynchronous orbit, if you believe there are satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

            And your other point, because the moon is a globe, the sun is a globe, Mars is a globe, etc, then Earth must be a globe also. That is not proof, it is a deduction. Still possible that Earth may be different from the globes we see above our heads.

            As far as your claim that there are scientific experiments demonstrating gravity, the attraction between two objects. I have never heard of any such successful experiment. The scientific opinion is that no such experiment is possible on earth because any small gravitational pull that may be generated by your ‘heavy objects’ will be completely overwhelmed by the huge gravitational pull of the earth we stand on. So there is no experiment showing the working of gravity possible on the earth, at least not as far as I am aware.

          • Mark D

            Hey Rob. You say we can’t prove earth is flat. Yet the BEDFORD EXPERIMENT anyone can do go to Salt flats. Ocean lake where ever a large flat surface is. Look across Here in So Cal Huntington Beach Pier I can look towards Catalina island. Look at Harbor the city there. It’s 21 miles away at 5ft above water it’s a 296’ft drop behind curvature. You people say we never can prove it yet it has. Utah lake 21 miles laser across water. Sorry light refraction cannot give this much gain. It’s amazing you keep saying FE is crazy when numerous people have proven this experiment over and over. Where is the Round earth proof? NASA fake pictures. What proof have LAND SURVEYORS came out and said we don’t take the curvature into consideration. We have NASA DOCUMENTS SR71 flight dynamics for a external payload page 8 I believe or 10. So many documents that mention a FLAT EARTH NON ROTATING. so explain why they would use such terminology. Please Einstein. Ohh wait. Einstein tried to prove the rotation of the earth and couldn’t. To this day no one has been able to prove any rotation of the earth. The Air Force has tried. So if your done bad mouthing everyone. Show us any proof of a globe that we can go out a test. Cause I bought a telescope and looked for myself it’s the inly way people will believe.

        • TJ

          Brilliant. The theory of relativity was thrown at the Michelson-Morley Experiment because they didn’t detect the aether. But they did in the Michelson-Gale, The Sagnac, and Airy’s Failure Experiments. No other experiments have been done since to calculate the velocity at which the Earth spins because science is funded by the government? I’m sure many indoctrinated-driven people would like to debate Lee. But it’s impossible to produce proof of a curvature, that Earth moves, gravity (density and buoyancy are a natural law) or ‘E=mc2’ which was not discovered by Einstein and has since been proven wrong. Lee won’t be debated. I urge everyone reading this to grasp on to the concept that all the oceans on Earth wrap around a ball 25,000 miles in circumference with a gravitational pull from a molten magnetic core.
          Science has proven that a magnet heated into liquid form has no magnetic properties. Now try and rationalize that the level of water bends which it does not and is a law violation in Fluid Dynamics.
          Here is a link explaining the facts.

    • TJ

      Here you go…
      “Since the Earth is, as we’re TOLD, a Sphere 25,000 miles in circumference… radius 3959 miles, then Pilots traveling for 1 Hour @ a typical cruising speed of 500 mph — to simply MAINTAIN ALTITUDE, would constantly have to adjust their altitude downwards, (to Compensate for the Curvature) and descend on AVERAGE 2,789 Feet EVERY MINUTE !!”

      • Flat Earth Facts

        NO. Because pilots, and these days auto pilots, fly with an altimeter. Which means they aim at the horizon, which means they are automatically constantly adjusting their angle to point towards the horizon, which will automatically cause them to follow the curve of the earth.

    • madhudvisa

      Pilots aim at the horizon, so by doing this, if the earth is curved, they are automatically adjusting for the curve, similarly computers they use the gyroscope and the altimeter, to keep the plane at a fixed height above the earth, which will automatically adjust for the curve if there is one.

  2. Douglas Nelson

    pilots fly great circles which lines of longitude are not concentric like the lines of latitude. the roads across the prairies do indeed require correction periodically

  3. Leroy Turknett

    Tesla said that gravity does not exist and I believe him. So If I am standing facing the rising sun and I jump towards the sun, Why can’t I jump further towards the sun than I could away from the sun

    • Derek Jacobs

      You are weighed down by a “blanket” of particles above your head. While it is easy to jump and break through some of those particles (like diving into water), it takes great force to go up or down further. Blanket Theory.

  4. Earth Globe

    Gravity is a thing…
    Centuries of scientists and researchers developing and proving the theory of gravity yet in the 21st century, people think all this hard evidence is false. 21st century, I’m gonna lose it with flat-ass earthers and people who think they’re suddenly Icarus and can jump towards the sun.

    • DocMatheny

      Define gravity! Oh, that’s right, it’s used to describe everything that can’t be explained on the imaginary spinning waterball. Magnetism, buoyancy and density account for the things that imaginary gravity make claim to.

    • TJ

      Scientists cannot explain gravity, it is a natural law that consists of density and buoyancy. Since when did any type of scientist prove that it’s a force pulling objects to a center of a ball by a molten magnetic core? That’s utter lunacy just like the ball… Navy gunners can sight targets with lasers from 100 miles away and there are hundreds of photos of Chicago from the shoreline and bottom of the buildings up from 50+- 60+ miles away. I’d like to know how a baller like yourself explains these phenomena?

  5. Rob Ross

    This is all very interesting stuff. Nobody has given scientific proof the earth is flat. NOBODY!
    So for you so called geniuses holding on to this idea, riddle me this.
    “If I leave from my home and walk in a straight line for just over 40,000 km.(I can walk on water and over mountains easily for this scenario)…Where would I end up??

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Yes. You are correct Rob. No one has given any scientific proof the earth is flat. You can say there is no absolute scientific proof the earth is a globe but there is a fully functional, logical and quite reasonable globe earth model that in almost all cases makes very accurate predictions of practically everything we see happening around us. So it is quite reasonable and logical and scientific to accept that the earth is most likely a globe with quite a high degree of confidence.

      However, there is no working flat earth model even, if you ask them how it works they will just say, “We don’t know how it works, we’re not scientists… But we know it is flat…”

      So these are not equal models, globe earth and flat earth…
      But as far as your walking idea, on the generally understood flat earth it depends on the direction you walk. All directions, except south, would result in the same experience you expect on a globe. Even if you walked South on the flat earth you would come to Antartica and it is too extremely cold and desolate, you can not go very far. So Actually no matter what direction you walked on the flat earth you would have the same experience as you would expect to have on the globe earth.

      East and West are circular, as they are on the globe, same thing, and North, you will get to the North Pole in both cases, and South, you will end up at Antartica. However flat earthers believe Antartica is an outer ring, not a pole. But you would not be able to tell the difference as you were walking there.

      • Rob Ross

        My scenario gave parameters: I could walk on water, over mountain, through the cold Antartica was assumed. My point, is I would end up where I started on a globe. But if the earth was flat where would I end up? I bet no flat earther could give a reasonable final destination. If they say a large ice wall, then please provide a picture, and also what is on the other side of that ice wall? I think maybe they’ve watched too much game of thrones.

        • Flat Earth Facts

          Yes Rob, you would end up where you started on a globe. But on our globe you would not get far into Antarctica before you died. So you can’t do this on the Earth. The distances are very great. Even on the Antartica we believe on the globe. There is no fuel there, there is no heat there, the temperature can be down around minus 90 degrees Celsius, so my point stands, you are correct, if you walked on a globe you would eventually come back to your starting point but you have to understand it is not possible to do this on the Earth. So you are presuming the earth is a globe, however you can not test that using the scenario you have given.

          Everyone presumes the earth is a globe, however proving the earth is a globe, that is a different thing.

          • Rob Ross

            As I stated before, I’m my scenario I can withstand the cold. Please explain where I would if I walked in a straight line, any direction for 40,000 km.
            You can’t because you know I would end up where I started.

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Yes. If you were on a globe you would end up where you started. But the point is you can’t do this on the earth, so you can’t test to see if the earth is a globe or not. That is the problem. It is difficult to come up with a practical test you can use, that you can actually carry out, to prove the earth is a globe.

            My point is the results of your test would be identical on the flat earth as proposed by the flat earthers and the globe earth as proposed by the globe earthers. Because in either case, there is now way you can actually withstand the cold. So we have to be realistic.

      • Rob Ross

        “Flat Earth Facts” just stated “quite reasonable and logical and scientific to accept that the earth is most likely a globe with quite a high degree of confidence.”
        I am confused by your moniker then

        • Flat Earth Facts

          Hi Rob

          The purpose of the “Flat Earth Facts” website is to discover the truth about the shape of the earth. So if it is a globe, I have no problem with that, we are just exploring the possibilities.

          Personally I am not convinced it is a globe, I am convinced it is not as the flat earthers present, their map, for example, is obviously completely incorrect.

          Anyhow the current situation is the only logical, scientific and working model we have is the globe earth model. It does have flaws and unexplained grey areas and does depend on the magic of gravity to explain the unexplainable. However it is a good working model. Whereas the flat earth people don’t have a model. If you ask them how it works if the earth is flat, they say they don’t know how it works. If you ask them to draw a map that works if the earth is flat, they can’t draw the map…

          So there is no competition between the flat earth theory and the globe earth theory, globe earth wins for sure, flat earth is not in the running. If you consider it from the point of view of science.

          Because for science you have to have a theory, you have to have a model, and your model can then be tested by comparing the predictions of your model to our actual observations. So the globe earthers have their theory and model and we can use their model to make predictions and compare the predictions of the globe earth model with our actual observations, and for the most part, the observations will match the predictions of the globe earth model.

          However flat earthers, they don’t even have a theory, they all have different ideas, there is no agreed on theory, and without a theory there is no question of a model. So flat earthers they can not present a predictive model, because they don’t understand how it could work if the earth was flat… That is actually a big problem. So flat earth is not science, because they don’t have an agreed on theory and have not been able to construct a valid predictive model based on their theory.

          So flat earth is more like a religion. They have a belief, but they don’t feel they need to have any science or working model to prove their theory. They don’t have to prove their theory because they know the earth is flat, they don’t need a model because they know the earth is flat…

          However, my point, is although the globe earthers have presented a very beautiful theory with quite an accurate predictive scientific model, that is not a guarantee it is correct.

          So what we are really doing here, ultimately, is trying to explore the possibilities of developing another valid scientific predictive model that explains our observations assuming that the earth is not a globe.

          Science has done a good job of explaining how the earth being a spinning globe can explain our observations, we want to explore and see if it is possible to make an equally good theory and predictive scientific model without presuming the earth is a spinning globe.

          I am fairly sure we have no actual proof the earth is a spinning globe. At least no one has ever presented such conclusive proof to me. So really it is possible that we are not on a spinning globe. There are certainly many indications that the earth is stationary for example. There is no indication the earth is spinning. Nothing we can measure will indicates that. There is certainly a rotation happening, in the sky everything is spinning around once in 24 hours. So there are two ways of understanding this. We can presume we are spinning and the rotation is caused by our spinning, or everything could be spinning around the earth. And there is no way really for us to tell one way or the other, from earth, because it would look the same. However if the earth was spinning we should be able to detect that spinning and we can’t…

          • Rob Ross

            Oh my. Ok I get it. I thought flat earthers were being serious here.
            Have fun with all this. I have better things to do than debate a made up theory.
            Earth standing still?? Is this a serious theory?

          • Flat Earth Facts

            Yes. That is the problem with flat earthers. They don’t have a working model. But yes, certainly, stationary earth, that is quite possible.

            All we can tell from earth is that there is a rotation. So that rotation can be explained by the earth rotating. Or, as was presumed by older cultures, the stars and other luminaries were rotating in the sky.

            So both are possible and equally valid explanations for what we observe. Everything scientifically we have presumed about the globe earth would work equally well if we were to propose a stationary earth in the center of a rotating field of stars, moon, planets, etc.

            And there are indications certainly that the earth is stationary. We can’t detect the movement of the earth, which we should be able to do if it was moving.

            So these are two equally valid presumptions. It is only that current science has presumed a moving rotating globe, and we have become accustomed to that concept, but a stationary earth surrounded by a moving field of luminaries is an equally valid scientific proposition.

  6. TJ

    No to the contrary, you’ve got it quite wrong- look again… Science can’t explain gravity, it is density and buoyancy. It is not a force pulling you to a molten, magnetic core at the center of ball earth, so I’d let go of the fairy tale.

  7. TJ

    No ‘scientist’ has but what scientists have proven with the Michelson-Morley, the Michelson-Gale, the Sagnac and Airy’s Failure is that the Earth is stationary and does not move. Mainstream scientism tried to throw Einstein’s theory of relativity at the Michelson-Morley experiment trying to explain away the fact that there was no ether was due to the theory of relativity everything is relative. Btw, 100 renowned scientists had shredded Einstein’s theories to pieces. He didn’t discover E=mc2 in the Sagnac experiment debunked the Einstein theory.
    Now as I’ve said in a previous comment… Navy gunners can sight targets with lasers from 100 miles away and there are hundreds of photos of Chicago from the shoreline and bottom of the buildings up from 50+- 60+ miles away. I’d like to know how a baller like yourself explains these phenomena? These tests, experiments and observations have been done all over the world. If its we can see way beyond the purported formula for the curvature of the Earth which doesn’t exist then you don’t need a lab coat to prove it.

  8. Omi

    for those who said that flatearthers dont have a model or can draw their model map!!! i actually stop here if this is the idea that you guys have and I feel sorry for your knowledge as I felt you were trying to be smart and mock flat earthers.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      But it’s true Omi, Flat earther’s don’t have an agreed model, every flat earther has different ideas and none of them work, in the sense that none of the flat earth ideas are consistent with our actual observations. And flat earthers are unable to draw a map on a flat plane that works, or that is consistient with our actual experiences traveling around the “Globe”.

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