Only one Sun in the Universe, Stars are like Moon

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  1. Warren

    If stars are like our moon then why do the stars twinkle and the moon doesn’t why do some gigantic stars go supernova why do some Stars has multiple colors why do some Stars rotate around each other why do some stars have red shift a blue shift why do some Stars have planets orbiting around them why are some Stars so far away that it takes a satellite telescope Days to detect any light from it of course the stars are not like our moon, a Rocky solid body very close to us the stars are so far away that we can barely detect parallax but we can detect chemical signatures we can check precise distance we can do all these things with our instruments because we are an intelligent species we do not rely just on our eyes ears our logic we have created machines, instruments that enhance what we were born with, so our knowledge is enhanced and Superior compared to those people who only believe things that they can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Why all the lack of faith I’m our advanced technologies when it comes to the shape of our planet and our place in the solar system in this universe when nobody really disregards all the other science when it comes to things like getting your liver transplant if you needed it or getting a new heart or a cornea transplant. These flat-earthers will jump at the chance to get a New heart if they need one to keep living because for some reason they trust medical science why don’t they Trust physical science they are the exact same Sciences.

    • Flat Earth Facts

      Stars are like our moon in the sense that, at least according to the model I am talking about here, they reflect the light of the sun.

      In the same way that the moon reflects the light of the sun.

      So yes, they are further away, but still they work in the same way as the moon, reflecting the light of the sun. Not that they have their own source of light.

      You know very little about the stars from looking at them through your telescopes. Yes. You have observed some things and come up with some theories to try and explain your observations, and at the same time try and fit them within your predetermined model of the universe.

      But you don’t know what the stars are or how far they are away or how they work. You only have a theory. The reality may be quite different.

      Stars may be different colored for example, then they would reflect different color light. That is another possibility. You are presuming all the stars emit the same color light and any color difference has happened due to the transmission of the light through the distance of space and the greater the distance the more the light will shift to the red. But you don’t know. It is a theory only.

      Others can present other equally valid theories.

      So it is like that. An elaborate story to explain our observations. Certainly a logical story and consistent with our observations to the most part, but we have no way of verifying if our story is a correct explanation of how the system actually works.

      • Warren

        Hello Flat Earth facts and your last post to me you stated that I presume that the Stars all emit the same color lights and any difference in color is due to the distances in space and the red shift from them traveling away from us. That is not exactly what I understand different Stars have different mass, temperature and concentrations of constituent elements depending on their age their size and how hot they are. A hotter star will emit light in a different part of the spectrum than a cooler Star as well as stars that are closer to the end of its life will emit different colors depending on how much hydrogen has turned to helium has turned to argon has turned to excetera excetera excetera all the way to iron at which point the star will go supernova and explode. So when we see a star explode and go supernova it is definitely emitting its own light that is not something that is Reflection from our Star the Sun. I’m not sure why you seem to think that we in the scientific field do not understand the theories that have been developed almost to 100% certainty.. I will agree with you that none of us will ever know 100% for a fact that our Theorys are the end of the answer. Science never stops and it will never stop as long as we continue to practice it because we will never understand completely 100% everything about this universe because in order to do that we would have to Encompass the entire universe itself.
        Anyway enough about that, I have been thinking about different alternative models that could explain our observation of the heavens. If we are to even consider an alternative model we still must include each and every observation that we currently have into this new model. the only way to change it would be to come up with new, out of the box and unique Ideas to explain the things that we don’t yet know. You could do this with thought experiments, we could do this in the lab we can do this by doing scientific experiments in space. But I fear that that is exactly what we have been doing in the model that we have now is exactly what has come out of that kind of research. What I’m really curious to know is what is the reason 2 believe or the desire to believe in a model presented by Ancient Man like the one that you present for the Vedic? Where does the faith come into existence within your mind to believe a hypothesis from a people that did not possess a modern understanding of science and didn’t understand modern Chemistry, electricity, molecular biology or any of the periodic table and its constituent elements. The explanations in those writings do not fit our observations. So please if you would give me some understanding as to what brings you to believe that these stories and writings have any validity. I’m still just trying to understand where it is that you are coming from. Thank you

        • Flat Earth Facts

          You are completely incorrect when you state:

          “From a people that did not possess a modern understanding of science and didn’t understand modern Chemistry, electricity, molecular biology or any of the periodic table and its constituent elements.”

          The scholars in the Vedic times knew everything. They had a far more advanced understanding of science than the fools we have today presenting themselves as scientists.

          Whatever is good in modern science has come from the Vedas. Mathematics, for example, that is a Vedic science. Where do you think it comes from? Who do you think developed the numerical system? Who developed trigonometry, sin, cos, tan, etc. These are all Vedic mathematical concepts.

          So these ancient people, they had all scientific knowledge. They had airplanes, space travel, artificial lighting like electricity, etc. They had everything and much much more than what we have today.

          There are whole fields of technology still undiscovered by western science.

          So do’t fool yourself.

          You don’t know anything. You see some lights in the sky, that’s all. And speculate and speculate and speculate. Building more are more speculations on more and more assumptions. And if just one of those assumptions is not correct, then your whole sand-castle of scientific speculation collapses.

          So that is where modern science is. So many speculations built on so many assumptions, many of which are incorrect.

          For example the rotating earth. The earth is not rotating. We have no reason to believe the earth is rotating. We can not perceive any rotation, you can not measure any of the forces which should be present if the earth was rotating. There is no evidence that the earth is rotating.

          So that is an example of an incorrect assumption. You have built everything on the assumption that the earth is rotating but its not rotating. So everything in science that presumes the earth is rotating is wrong.

          So you should study the Vedas and you will find all scientific knowledge is there, but it is not like the faulty western science. Because the knowledge in the Vedas is coming down to us, from outside our system, from people who actually know how our system is working. So the Vedic knowledge is correct, and your scientists, they have no idea, childish fools lost in the darkness.

  2. Warren

    2 Flat Earth facts yes I do understand what you mean that since we cannot actually go to the stars it’s very hard for us to determine what they are or what they’re made of how they work. I would have to agree with your hypothesis I would want to make one correction though when you use the word theory , a theory is a model that has been tested over and over again and has passed all the tests if one test fails then that hypothesis fails to become a theory in scientific terms Theory means it is passed every test given to it so let’s try to use the word theory in the proper context. Anyway I do think though however that our understanding of the spectrum of light meaning the full spectrum from gamma all the way to the other end of the spectrum has been extensively studied and we can pretty much do experiments here on Earth and and your experiments and tell how far away a light is compared to an observer using our very detailed instruments that would lead me to believe that these should also work with the lights in the sky. I would tend to believe that if the stars were reflecting the sunlight like the planets that we see close to us in our solar system we would be able to focus those Stars more clearly into Planet like Spheres like we do with the planets. That would leave me to believe that they are not reflecting the light from our Star but emitting lights of Their Own because we can get heat signatures from these things using infrared that show temperatures far greater than the temperature of our own Sun I think that would be a pretty good anomaly to suggest that they are emitting their own light. Plus recently we have observed planets that transverse or go in front of the stars and reduce the Starlight that we get from them and those planets don’t actually reflect the light from our sun, they are dark so if the planet goes in front of the star and that star reflecting light from our sun that planet should reflect our Sun’s light as well and wouldn’t reduce that Starlight whatsoever and that would be another example of the Stars emit in their own light. Do you think about those terms and examples what is your opinion of those

    • Flat Earth Facts

      It’s all rubbish Warren. All speculations based on assumptions that may well be incorrect. All useless.

      All you can see is lights in the sky. You have no idea how far away they are. You can not measure distance based on the wavelength of light that you are measuring coming from the stars. There is no relationship between distance and the wavelengths of light. Objects reflect light differently because of their color and because of changing circumstances on the surface. Earth will reflect light differently, for example, when the oceans are covered by thick clouds, and when the sky is clear. It has nothing to do with the distance, it is due to the color and situation and reflecability of the stars themselves, not their distance.

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