NASA Faking Space proves flat earth?

On a recent visit to NASA in Houston I spoke with many NASA employees and their public relations people and none of them were firmly convinced that the Apollo moon landings were real. None of them were prepared to put forward any arguments to try to “prove” they sent men to the moon in the 1960s. So now, in 2018, we have reached the point where even the NASA employees are not sure the Apollo manned moon landings were real.

So it is obvious, NASA faked the Apollo manned lunar landings, and every thoughtful person knows this by now. NASA makes no attempt whatsoever to prove they landed men on the moon. Basically they don’t talk. Even the NASA employees complained that they have no one to ask questions about these things to and that they are kept completely in the dark. NASA scientists don’t talk to anyone. At the same time NASA openly admits that now, in 2018, it is not possible for them to send men to the moon, they can’t even send men out of low earth orbit.

So the obvious conclusion is if NASA can’t send men out of low earth orbit today they could not send men out of low earth orbit in 1966…

So flat earthers talk a lot about NASA fakery, and there is a lot of real NASA fakery. After faking the moon NASA went on to fake a lot of other things they were being funded trillions of dollars for doing in space. So there is not question, a very large percentage of what NASA tells us is lies and fakery. But NASA’s fakery is not actually proof that the earth is flat.

The only purpose of exposing NASA’s fakery from the point of the flat earth is to show that if NASA did not send men to the moon then the fabulous photograph of earth from space, the “Blue Marble” is also fake.

Obviously if we have photographs of a globe earth from space then that is proof the earth is a globe. So flat earthers attempt to show that the few photos of earth from space NASA have given us are fakes. And they have quite convincingly proven this.

So it seems NASA not only faked the Apollo manned lunar landings, they also faked their earth from space photographs.

In this way NASA has enabled the flat earth movement. Because of their wholesale fakery very few people trust anything they say anymore.

There is truly an enormous amount of proof of NASA’s fakery, from the flat earth perspective the only thing that is really important is to establish that NASA has not been far enough away from the earth to look back and take a photo of the entire globe. And they have been able to do this quite convincingly.

Conclusion: The fact that NASA faked the Apollo manned moon missions in the 1960s and have faked many other things in the years to follow does not prove the earth is flat. But it does indicate the possibility that we have not be far enough away from the earth to take a photo of the full globe, thus leaving open the possibility that the earth is not a globe.


Supporting Flat Earth Proofs

  • 160) It is impossible for rockets or any type of jet propulsion engines to work in the alleged non-atmosphere of vacuum space because without air/atmosphere to push against there is nothing to propel the vehicle forwards. Instead the rockets and shuttles would be sent spinning around their own axis uncontrollably in all directions like a gyroscope. It would be impossible to fly to the Moon or go in any direction whatsoever, especially if “gravity” were real and constantly sucking you towards the closest densest body.
  • 161) If Earth were really a ball, there would be no reason to use rockets for flying into “outer-space” anyway because simply flying an airplane straight at any altitude for long enough should and would send you off into outer-space. To prevent their airplanes from flying tangent to the ball-Earth, pilots would have to constantly course-correct downwards, or else within just a few hours the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph would find themselves lost in “outer-space.” The fact that this never happens, artificial horizons remain level at pilot’s desired altitudes and do NOT require constant downwards adjustments, proves the Earth is not a ball.
  • 162) All NASA and other “space agencies” rocket launches never go straight up. Every rocket forms a parabolic curve, peaks out, and inevitably starts falling back to Earth. The rockets which are declared “successful” are those few which don’t explode or start falling too soon but make it out of range of spectator view before crashing down into restricted waters and recovered. There is no magic altitude where rockets or anything else can simply go up, up, up and then suddenly just start “free-floating” in space. This is all a science-fiction illusion created by wires, green-screens, dark pools, some permed hair and Zero-G planes.
  • 163) NASA and other space agencies have been caught time and again with air bubbles forming and floating off in their official “outer-space” footage. Astronauts have also been caught using scuba-space-gear, kicking their legs to move, and astronaut Luca Parmitano even almost drowned when water started filling up his helmet while allegedly on a “space-walk.” It is admitted that astronauts train for their “space-walks” in under-water training facilities like NASA’s “Neutral Buoyancy Lab,” but what is obvious from their “space bubbles,” and other blunders is that all official “space-walk” footage is also fake and filmed under-water.
  • 164) Analysis of many interior videos from the “International Space Station,” have shown the use of camera-tricks such as green-screens, harnesses and even wildly permed hair to achieve a zero-gravity type effect. Footage of astronauts seemingly floating in the zero-gravity of their “space station” is indistinguishable from “vomit comet” Zero-G airplane footage. By flying parabolic maneuvers this Zero-G floating effect can be achieved over and over again then edited together. For longer uncut shots, NASA has been caught using simple wires and green screen technology.
  • 165) NASA claims one can observe the International Space Station pass by overhead proving its existence, yet analysis of the “ISS” seen through zoom cameras proves it to be some type of hologram/drone, not a physical floating space-base. As you can see in my documentary “ISS Hoax,” when zooming in/out, the “ISS” dramatically and impossibly changes shape and color, displaying a prismatic rainbow effect until coming into focus much like an old television turning on/off.
  • 172) If you pick any cloud in the sky and watch for several minutes, two things will happen: the clouds will move and they will morph gradually changing shape. In official NASA footage of the spinning ball Earth, such as the “Galileo” time-lapse video however, clouds are constantly shown for 24+ hours at a time and not moving or morphing whatsoever! This is completely impossible, further proof that NASA produces fake CGI videos, and further evidence that Earth is not a spinning ball.
  • 173) NASA has several alleged photographs of the ball-Earth which show several exact duplicate cloud patterns! The likelihood of having two or three clouds of the exact same shape in the same picture is as likely as finding two or three people with exactly the same fingerprints. In fact it is solid proof that the clouds were copied and pasted in a computer program and that such pictures showing a ball-shaped Earth are fakes.
  • 174) NASA graphics artists have placed things like faces, dragons, and even the word “SEX” into cloud patterns over their various ball-Earth pictures. Their recent 2015 Pluto pictures even clearly have a picture of Disney’s “Pluto” the dog layered into the background. Such blatant fraud goes unnoticed by the hypnotized masses, but provides further proof of the illegitimacy of NASA and their spinning ball planet mythos.
  • 175) Professional photo-analysts have dissected several NASA images of the ball-Earth and found undeniable proof of computer editing. For example, images of the Earth allegedly taken from the Moon have proven to be copied and pasted in, as evidenced by rectangular cuts found in the black background around the “Earth” by adjusting brightness and contrast levels. If they were truly on the Moon and Earth was truly a ball, there would be no need to fake such pictures.
  • 176) When NASA’s images of the ball-Earth are compared with one another the coloration of the land/oceans and relative size of the continents are consistently so drastically different from one another as to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the pictures are all fake.
  • 188) Over the years NASA has twice changed their story regarding the shape of the Earth. At first they maintained Earth was a perfect sphere, which later changed to an “oblate spheroid” flattened at the poles, and then changed again to being “pear-shaped” as the Southern hemisphere allegedly bulges out as well. Unfortunately for NASA, however, none of their official pictures show an oblate spheroid or pear-shaped Earth! All their pictures, contrary to their words, show a spherical (and clearly CGI fake) Earth.
  • 177) In the documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon,” you can watch official leaked NASA footage showing Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, for almost an hour, using transparencies and camera-tricks to fake shots of a round Earth!

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  1. Mike

    The people who believe the earth is flat need help, they should not be criticised. To completely ignore gravity so that a plane could just fly off the earth is laughable.

    • nik allpress

      buoyancy, air pressure and density are all real provable things that can explain the so called gravity effect, also gravity must be super strong to hold the sea to a Spinning ball whilst super weak so you can walk around and not be outright squashed GRAVITY makes no sense and without it the whole big bang theory and most other ones fall part lol

      • Flat Earth Facts

        Actually buoyancy, air pressure and density do not explain gravity. All buoyancy can do is hold things up. So if something is in a medium like air or water and it is less dense it will be held up by the medium. But if you take away the medium that is holding it up it will fall at the gravitational acceleration of 9.8 m/s.

        So this force exists that is pulling things down, if you think the earth is flat there is a force pulling things down, that is gravity, and if you think the earth is a globe there is a force pulling towards the center of the globe and that is “down” on the globe.

        So there is no way buoyancy, air pressure and density can explain the phenomenon that we call ‘gravity’ because that force still exists if you remove the medium [air, water, etc] that is holding the thing up and in this way causing the gravity to not act on it or reducing the action of gravity on it…

        • Sarnaduti

          Yes, buoyancy and air pressure do not explain gravity. Rather, buoyancy and air pressure can be explained by, and is a result of gravity. Density, however, is an inherent property of matter – it is mass per unit volume, and is independent of gravity.

          Fluid (e.g. air, water) pressure is caused by the weight of fluid due to gravity. So at the bottom of a fluid, there is more pressure due to more weight of the fluid above it, and at the top there is less pressure due to less weight. All this are due to the gravity acting on each of the particles of the fluid to pull it down. So fluid pressure “is” caused by gravity.

          Buoyancy is the upward force that results due to fluid pressure being different at the bottom of an object than at the top, allowing the object to float. Lift is another upward force that acts on moving objects (like planes, birds) due to pressure differences in the fluid between an object’s top and bottom due to its speed – by Bernoulli’s principle, which can be derived from Newton’s laws and the law of gravity.

          So gravity acts on all masses, including the fluids – but its effect on fluids, and objects in it, ultimately makes it counter-intuitive to us – that things can float in the fluid – thereby we say it “defies” gravity, when in fact that phenomenon can also be explained by gravity! And yes, if we take away fluid medium, we get to see raw gravity in action, everything will fall at 9.8 m/s/s (not 9.8 m/s exactly, as you say – that is speed, we are talking about an increase in speed per second, that is 9.8 m/s/s).

        • Cyrena

          There is no gravity that is made up physics that they continue to have to recalculate large caluculus and trig formulas over and over again because they keep coming up short every which way even to this day. Then they make up terms like photons and dark matter to top it off just as delusional as gravity. Simple magnets defy gravity. There is no gravity it is all magnetism. Research The Thunderbolt Project, Eric Dollard’s continued Tesla work in electrical engineering, even Steinmetz. Real provable science. You would be amazed how much and how far scientific community has gone in lying ro the general public. Most people don’t know anything about what electricity is and we use it everyday. General public has been indoctrinated to make people dumb. Truth is simple and easily verified provable and Fantasy will lead you through long equated rabbit holes.

    • BOB

      Globers: “There are 2 ways to be deceived-one is to believe what isn’t true. The other is to accept what IS true, despite irrefutable evidence.”

  2. Leroy turknett

    I we are on a spinning ball traveling around a sun that is speeding through space at The speed that it is claimed, How is our atmoaphire not stripped away

  3. Ken

    Read Warner Von Braun’s headstone fools…
    The father of rocket technology is telling you something very important….
    Psalm 19;1. etched alone in bold print says ;
    The heavens declare the glory of God
    And the firmament showeth his handiwork…
    End of story and end of Conspiracy
    Admiral Richard Byrd knew of the dome also
    Operation fish bowl was his attempt to nuke
    through the wall he found over the ice wall..
    Explain how you make water curve moron…
    There are so many easy ways to know if you look for truth and not dogma which is what science has become through NASA and so called aerospace technology. They all will be hiding in shame soon once the public wakes and locks them up for all their crimes…

    • Larry J Risolio



  4. John Smithson

    Oh. My. God.

    You’re all so god damn delusional. Think you’re so ‘enlightened’ to disregard common sense and the work of brilliant scientists. Fools through and through. Give up.

  5. Ross Langerak

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When a spacecraft burns fuel and oxygen, it accelerates the exhaust in one direction, which causes the spacecraft to accelerate in the other. The spacecraft doesn’t need any air to push against. It pushes against its own exhaust.

  6. Ross Langerak

    Wow! Somebody needs to talk to a real pilot. Gravity pulls you toward the center of the Earth. The lift to resist that gravity is generated by an aircraft’s wings. If you try to increase altitude by bringing the nose up, the center of gravity falls behind the aircraft, causing it to slow down, lose lift, and either return to its previous altitude or stall. If you want to gain altitude, you have to increase your velocity, which increases lift.
    If you tried to maintain a straight flight path, independent of the curvature of the Earth, the result would be the same as slowly trying to gain altitude by bringing the nose up. The center of the Earth’s gravity would fall behind you and slow you down. You would be forced to return to your previous altitude.
    If you compensate by increasing thrust, you will run out of throttle because most aircraft engines don’t have enough thrust to lift the weight of an aircraft. And because aircraft engines need air to burn fuel, as altitude increases, engines lose power. Wings also lose lift due to thinning air.
    Once the engines and wings hit their limit, you won’t be able to fly any higher. No matter how hard you tried, you would not be able to fly off into space. You don’t have to nose down. Just set your speed and the plane will naturally follow the curvature of the Earth.

  7. Ross Langerak

    Someone needs to take a course in physics. Rockets don’t go straight up because the orbital velocity of a near Earth orbit is faster than the surface of the Earth. Rockets need to accelerate eastward so they can stay in space once they reach orbit. Even geostationary satellites travel faster, because they travel farther per day than the surface of the Earth.
    There is an orbit that you can get to by going straight up, but it’s about 8 times the distance to the Moon, so it’s not very useful. There are sites on line that will calculate orbital parameters for you. Google “orbit of a satellite calculator”. Try entering 1 to see why we don’t just fly off the Earth.

  8. Ross Langerak

    No, astronauts have not been caught “faking” anything. I suspect someone is confusing training video with actual space video.
    Water has surface tension. In space, a blob of water will float like a bubble. If it attaches to something, it could stay in place, or it could extend itself to cover more surface. During Luca Parmitano’s space walk, his movements caused the blob of water to extend over his forehead and cover his eyes and nose. The water was not filling the helmet – it was attached to his head. This is something that would only happen in space.

  9. Thoughts

    In the article, you stated “At the same time NASA openly admits that now, in 2018, it is not possible for them to send men to the moon, they can’t even send men out of low earth orbit.” My view on that is NASA don’t have enough resources just to send someone to the moon or out of low earth orbit. There are many steps comes into play for a mission: Payload, Fuel, Designs, Astronauts, Astronaut’s safety, etc. Also keep this in mind, the ORION project only getting (if $1 is the national’s budget) NASA is only getting 1/10 of a penny.

  10. the earth isn’t flat

    it is impossible to fake the moon landing and if your saying that “what about the lights it’s really bright” my answer to that is the sun’s light the moon may reflect light but not all of the light will be reflected and they cant have too much light and what they would need would be millions of laser light things to match of the movement of light at the moon and they cant use them because it would go way over their budget but if people were donating money to NASA and they have enough budget to buy the millions of lasers it would still be impossible because the laser that they had at the 60’s or i don’t remember the year are only single colored which is red also if you say “what if they secretly mad computer programing” still impossible i mean how would you make at least hundred of thousands or millions of NASA employee’s shut their mouth about it?

  11. the earth isn’t flat

    i forgot about one last thing
    “there’s wind there they must be really hot on their suits maybe they turned the ac on”
    nope without any wind the flag would just keep waving on and on and on because there would be no wind to stop the waving flag so the earth cannot be flat unless people start being dumb and make more theories

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